Will the REAL “Merchants of Death” please stand up?

How can anyone honestly stick this label on to people who straightforwardly trade in recreational drugs (e.g. tobacco, alcohol, caffeine etc.), hunting gear and self-defense equipment–which is manifestly totally the buyer’s right and responsibility to use carefully–while contract killers who are paid to directly, cold-bloodedly disembody a third party who has no say in the matter, has done nothing to deserve it and cannot defend herself or himself (i.e. “abortionists”) are looked upon even occasionally as heroes. Something is desperately hypocritical here to where it’s even demonic.

Benjamin Fulford – The Ongoing Global Financial War Is Reaching Its Final Stages – 30 December 2011

Benjamin Fulford – The Ongoing Global Financial War Is Reaching Its Final Stages – 30 December 2011

The ongoing global financial war is reaching its final stages. Multiple reliable sources in three continents are all now reporting that a major breakthrough in the financial logjam is imminent. We can confirm from our own sources (including MI6 and Japanese military intelligence) that a large delegation descended on Washington last week and read the riot act to the Washington D.C. establishment. They have been informed the Federal Reserve Board must be shut down immediately and the new financial system must be implemented or else the United States would be totally cut off from the world. The military is also close to open revolt with more than half of the military supporting a total clean up of Washington D.C., according to a CIA source. The Washington establishment therefore faces a choice between stepping aside and facing a truth commission or else arrest, civil war,chaos and eventual death for all members of the ruling cabal. We believe that sane minds will prevail in such a situation and that a peaceful resolution is imminent. However, it is not over until it is over.


Last week the Chinese were on the verge of helping the US government kill the supporters of the new financial system in Washington until the Japanese government intervened to provide protection. There were then discussions with the Chinese where they were given an explanation of the inner workings of the international financial system. They were also made an offer.

What was told to them was that over 90% of the dollars ever created were not owned by Americans. The people who own those dollars do not want them to become worthless paper when the Federal Reserve Board implodes. Instead, all dollars earned through honest work (i.e. not through derivates and other types of fraud) would be backed by gold. These gold backed dollars would then be renamed. The Chinese want to call it the Renminbi. The Rothschilds want to call it the Hong Kong dollar. Our proposal is to call it the Hong Kong yen (pronounced yuan in Chinese). Many details will have to be worked out by experts. However, it is certain that never again will it be possible for private individuals to manipulate the world through the creation of money. The Chinese insist the creation of new money should be a job run by the government and this was agreed to by the concerned parties.

A high powered Japanese government delegation will be going to the Philippines towards the end of the year to deliver Chinese gold taken there in the 1930’s to China to be used for the purposes of backing up their dollar holdings. The Japanese delegation, led by the Japanese government& rsquo;s number two man, Hajime Ishii will also be given presentations about suppressed technology.

I will also be going there to give them some ideas about a new structure of global governance.

The Chinese want to move the UN headquarters to Laos because it is the site of some of the most ancient and pristine Asian culture. This seems like a nice idea. Of course the UN is now an extremely dysfunctional organization and will have to be totally revamped. It now serves as a global control mechanism for the victors of World War 2. This will be fundamentally changed.

In addition, the functions of the World Bank will be moved to China, probably to Hong Kong. All current World Bank employees will have their track records examined and only those who have contributed positively to the planet will be re-employed.

The IMF will be disbanded because it has only caused misery and poverty throughout the world. It has functioned mainly to steal resources and property from the people of the world. In its place the Japanese will set up a new institution that will function to ensure the safety and stability of the global financial system. Hopefully it will be headquartered in Osaka.

All of these institutions will be set up as meritocracies. Anybody will be allowed to take the exam to join them. In addition, there will no longer be places at the top reserved for people of specific ethnic backgrounds.

The new organizations will all be very busy because the entire commercial structure of the planet will be changed. The industries that are expected to vanish or shrink dramatically include: petroleum, war, nuclear power and pharmaceuticals and automobiles. Companies in these industries will need substantial help to transform themselves. The petroleum industry, for example, could be changed into a geo-engineering industry. The armaments folk will move into space exploration. The automobile industry will start to manufacture anti-gravity scooters. The transformation of all the obsolete industries needs to be carried out in a manner that causes as little social disruption and dislocation as possible.

In addition all countries will have to agree to submit to the international court of Justice. Disputes between countries should be settled through negotiations or else in court.

However, it might be possible for countries to also agree to settle disputes through ritual warfare. They could, for example, each send 10 of their best martial artists to a desert island to duel it out but no killing will be allowed. The winning country will then get a more advantageous settlement of whatever the dispute was.

In any case, humanity is about to be freed from the grips of a horrific cult that has killed hundreds of millions of people over the years. Most of the 800 US military bases world-wide may well be shut down. The US military will have to be transformed into an entirely different organization dedicated to planetary defense and big projects for humanity.

We are headed for an unprecedented historical transformation. Hang on to your hats.

Benjamin Fulford

via http://www.fourwinds10.net  first published 28th Dec. 2011 link to article

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Tim Hortons Censors the Anti New World Order Party as “Violent”; FREE SPEECH GONE!

     My name is Daniel Leach Jr, Im the creator and organizer of the http://AntiNewWorldOrderParty.com and I was informed by John McGuire my right hand man that our website was blocked at Tim Hortons Cafe in Rochester NY for Violent content! If you go to Tim Hortons Cafe again your supporting a bad Corporation that doesn’t allow freedom of Speech and thought shame on you!  I told John to write a blog about his experience at Tim Hortons Cafe and this is his story!

‎”If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom — go from us in peace. We ask not your counsel or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands that feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were even our countrymen!” Sam Adams in 1776

Join the cause!

My name is John McGuire I went to Tim Hortons in Rochester NY in the United States of America four days after Christmas.  I logged on to the free internet service  and the he first thing I noticed was that the Google Search Page redirects me to “Google Canada” (www.google.ca). But what was my horror when I attempted to visit the Anti New World Order Party’s Blog (antinewworldorderparty.wordpress.com) only to find they had it blocked, claiming that it had “violent content.” Is there any doubt this is the New World Order and socialism at work? I then sent them a tidy message setting the record straight:

“AntiNewWorldOrderParty.WordPress.com was filtered on the basis of its ‘violent content.’ It is simply an education and empowerment website. The content is free for posters to determine, but the focus is on freedom, and the blog contains nor allows any call for or glorification of physical violence. The only thing we do ‘violence’ to is with information to damage the propaganda (and censorship) machines that enable tyranny! Join us!”

I then told the barista about it before couteously wishing him a “Happy New Year” and walking over to McDonald’s.

Join the cause!

Daniel J Leach

    Rachel Barnhart called me today I told her about how Tim Hortons Censored the Anti New World Order Party for “Violent”; FREE SPEECH GONE! AntiNewWorldOrderParty.com http://www.facebook.com/Rochester.Rachel  or http://twitter.com/#!/rachbarnhart  Anyways she said that this story was not News worthy, but she said that she would check out the website! Remember I did not call her she called me how strange! IF you think this story is News Worthy post on her FB wall and tell her what you think!

With Which Is “Occupy” More “Preoccupied”: Freedom or “Consensus”?


About a month ago I was blocked from Occupy Rochester’s Facebook group, as I just found out through the twisted grapevine that included one Katherine Denison, one Jayvan Javier Santos and one Eric Maloney, because anyone who cares about babies automatically hates women, and anyone who has Black within them must be mocking Blacks. Let’s learn our lessons from “Occupy” (or it should be “PREoccupy ourselves with Marxist P.C. Newspeak”) lest we get blindsided worse in the future with their diabolical promises of community organizing: that’s the trouble you have when you get into ideological agendas. Under the pretense of COMMUNALITY (“Let’s all work together”) they’re actually MECHANICAL and so much so that there isn’t room in their total chaos strategy for one humane thought. From their own words and actions anybody can see that these are the exact people are gearing up to bring us all the carnage of Soviet Russia and the global slavery of Nineteen Eighty-Four. Let’s not overlook moreover their slimy cowardice. No one will come forward and admit to blocking me. Anyone else get that? They all consent to my ouster.

Resisting the Occupy Movement’s herders’ (sorry, coordinators’) slimy charm is largely a matter of buckling down and spending three minutes educating yourself. My conclusion? By “Let’s work together” they simply mean “Let’s all form a mindless machine Satan can run to all our destruction.” But you draw your own conclusions and enlighten me once you’ve had the courage to read the organizers’ own Lucifer-dedicated PLAYBOOK and get a handle on the organizers’ master plan before they handle you!

[To the second part]

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Jayvan Javier Santos It isn’t Luciferian thought, it’s about power to the people how it was back then when this country was created. I will read though then comment again.
10 hours ago · Like
Jayvan Javier Santos Well, it was blocked at work..So much for that:

[The Websense category “Traditional Religions” is filtered.]
10 hours ago · Unlike · 1
Brian S. Briskie Jayvan, again I’m willing to let some of your comments roll, as you’re still wet behind the ears. “power to the people, like when our country was first formed?”. Dude, back then slavery was legal and even morally accepted in a lot of the country. Women were second class citizens and couldn’t vote. Our forfathers established an electoral college system because the average person could read, write or make avalid decision without sound information.

Believe me Jayvan, you don’t want to live in the America of “then”. You don’t even want to grow up in the America many of our parents did.
8 hours ago · Like
Jayvan Javier Santos The America where the people had a voice (even though it was only men). It just needs an official 2012 update.
8 hours ago · Like
Brian S. Briskie Jayvan, if you think the government is dysfunctional now…(and it is), imagine if every citizen had a say in every day’s operations and decisions. Democray doesn’t work, a Republic does.
8 hours ago · Like
Jayvan Javier Santos Not in EVERY SINGLE THING. But in the things that affect them yes. It can possibly be achieved by technology. Doesn’t hurt to try and if the system is open enough it can be changed with no problem if it’s not good enough. Right now we have to fight to change the system.
8 hours ago · Like
John Paul McGuire Fact: the book Rules for Radicals is expressly dedicated to Lucifer. I HAVE PHYSICALLY CHECKED IT OUT MYSELF. (I had to wash my hands after.)
7 hours ago · Like
Jayvan Javier Santos I never read that book, am I going by one of the rules that might slow down productivity?
7 hours ago · Like
John Paul McGuire Also interesting are the tranSHAMANistic (sorry, transhumanistic) overtones present in the sentiment that some new technology is going to change the nature of human governance. There is only one political answer you can hang your hat on. LOCALISM! FOREVER!
7 hours ago · Like
Jayvan Javier Santos We don’t need a new type of tech, we have enough tech to do it right now.
7 hours ago · Like
John Paul McGuire Just the same, if I don’t miss my guess, your assumptions stem from some newer trendier ideas than you’re letting on.
7 hours ago · Like
Jayvan Javier Santos We just need an electoral reform where it’s easier to vote.
7 hours ago · Like
John Paul McGuire Yeah, like in Chicago. Vote early, vote often!
7 hours ago · Like
John Paul McGuire ‎Jayvan, are you at all aware of the insidious eugenics project hiding behind just such plans as the ones you are proposing?
7 hours ago · Like · 1
Brian S. Briskie vote for years after your own demise…
7 hours ago · Like
Brian S. Briskie If anything, we need to make it harder to vote, so that people are required to have some knowledge on the issue/candidate they vote for.
7 hours ago · Like · 1
Jayvan Javier Santos So a course/teach in?

I’m aware of Eugenics and the regulation of our food supply and all of that. Sustainability is being put in the wrong hands, that is all.
7 hours ago · Like
John Paul McGuire Yes, specifically FAR AWAY HANDS.
6 hours ago · Like · 1
Jayvan Javier Santos I agree with that. But everybody’s vote should count. If people don’t research it’s on the community or themselves to inform them. Just liberate the resources and the vigilant people will use the resources to get informed.
6 hours ago · Like
Brian S. Briskie ‎”If people don’t research-it’s on the community to inform them? Jayvan…you’re either about self reliance, or you’re not.
6 hours ago · Like
Jayvan Javier Santos I am, people need to research it when the resources are available you can’t force them to do things and become educated. You give them the choice.
6 hours ago · Like
Jayvan Javier Santos I’m all for localism John.
6 hours ago · Unlike · 1
John Paul McGuire The point is, there should be no big mechanism for “helping” people do anything because IN TEN OUT OF TEN CASES IT WILL END BY ABUSING THEM.
6 hours ago · Like
Jayvan Javier Santos Resources are the best thing you can invest in. Uncontrolled and open sourced..
6 hours ago · Like
John Paul McGuire The only thing that should be big and powerful is the family, and the only INSTITUTION that genuinely cares about the family is the family. Enough b***s*** about programs; go home and be a family.
6 hours ago · Like
Jayvan Javier Santos Unless each and every family member takes the time to find all these resources teaching them will be hard.
6 hours ago · Like
John Paul McGuire Let the family be a family, let them either learn to help each other or reap what they sow. Stop playing God.
6 hours ago · Like
Jayvan Javier Santos I’m not telling anybody what to do..It’s good to have the resources instead of staying in a family mindset like the nuclear war isolation mentality.
6 hours ago · Like
John Paul McGuire Sorry to offend your transhumanism. Maybe you can explain how you can be a true localist and disdain the family.
6 hours ago · Like
John Paul McGuire Was it not Hillary Clinton (famous Alinskyite) who said, “It takes a herd–er, I mean, a village–to raise a child. (Can we edit that out?)” Spoken like a true licentious matriarch.
6 hours ago · Like
Jayvan Javier Santos Transhumanism will fail. The only thing we need (there are things that people want) is just an update to the electoral reform. You give the family the free resource to educate their children and where to find things like healthy food, or how to grow your own and it’s up to the family to decide to use that, provide feedback, edit it, make their own version do whatever they want. Liberty is still here.
6 hours ago · Like
Jayvan Javier Santos Exactly a resource, they don’t have to use it..
5 hours ago · Like
John Paul McGuire What you’re talking about leads straight to indoctrination, propaganda, brainwashing, p.r. It isn’t a matter of “giving” people things. It is a matter of getting out of the way and letting them get should they so choose. This is the essence of liberty, and this is how republics work, a thing that, unlike democracies, they actually do.
5 hours ago · Like
John Paul McGuire If you are using tax dollars to make something freely available YOU ARE BRAINWASHING. This is just like George W. Bush saying that the news media didn’t “have to” use their fake news reels.
5 hours ago · Like
Jayvan Javier Santos You don’t need the tax money for everything, you just need dedicated people to help each other out. Everything doesn’t have to be free. I just feel educational resources/information should. The public library, the family, the government, community spaces- none of these things are a bigger resource than the people providing the resources they already know. Which is crowdsourcing.
5 hours ago · Like
Jayvan Javier Santos Then we won’t have people complaining about having 6 years of college and no job. Well if you would go to the public library or go here here and here this won’t happen.
5 hours ago · Like
John Paul McGuire No tax dollars? Well then knock yourself out.
5 hours ago · Like
Jayvan Javier Santos That’s like going against a public library/college/education/information. I’m tired of information being oppressed. It’s time for people to have the choice to be aware/make it easier for them to be. You can chose to continue to live in the matrix and that’s their choice.

I think this can be done with not that many tax dollars. Your tax dollars are going to a trillion debt expansion and an expensive war but some of it can’t go back to the community and education??
5 hours ago · Like
John Paul McGuire Crowdsourcing? Sounds like a delicious home-cooked meal to me. I’m not sure information can be oppressed since it doesn’t have freewill to begin with. It can be suppressed. Well, if you’re for overhauling the system, one would think you’d at least have the guts to reduce the taxes that go toward debt and war. But no, the redistribution welfare system is also a lost cause, all ideologies aside.
5 hours ago · Like
Jayvan Javier Santos Yeah, it’s when people get together face to face or online and provide solutions and implement action. In this case it will be a gathering of resources. Reduce the taxes that go to war, and put them towards defense (for the people worried about security). You talked about the Vaticans right? There are more groups than that who suppress information, like private colleges, some are expanding their online courses to the people who can’t do their times and for the people that don’t have the money there are alternatives.

I’m down for choices, if I had the choice to put my money in defense instead of an offensive war, I would but put some there and most back to the community where I reside.
4 hours ago · Like
John Paul McGuire The illegal income tax must disappear, no compromise.
4 hours ago · Like
Jayvan Javier Santos Oh yeah, I’m down for that too. But what will replace it?
4 hours ago · Like
John Paul McGuire Something few Occupiers seem to understand so far. INITIATIVE.
4 hours ago · Like
Jayvan Javier Santos Well can you explain what type of initiative? I want to learn.
4 hours ago · Like
John Paul McGuire I mean the fact of initiative alone which is an expression of a freedom that has no strings attached and no bureaucracy built into it, that is the fruit of this awakening you say you’re so keen on. It isn’t all about programs. It isn’t even all about philosophy. It’s about vitality!
4 hours ago · Like
Jayvan Javier Santos Yeah, being self-reliant lol. Taking the initiative yourself once you learn what you want to learn. Instead of being slaved. That is the shift of consciousness, where people realize it’s about caring. Those are the people that will survive and evolve in the log run.
4 hours ago · Like
Jayvan Javier Santos In my point of view that is..see we have points of unity, people just have to discuss..in a calm manner without attacking each other..
4 hours ago · Like
Brian S. Briskie Wait John…he’s going to ask you to blog about initiative
4 hours ago · Like · 1
John Paul McGuire This is key. More key thank you may know at this stage. So pay close attention. Everyone has to come by themselves to knowledge and to love. That’s what I want to stress, Jayvan. You seem to have the right intention and the wrong tools.

I think I’m just as much in that boat, but I think together we can get there. I often want to force people to look at the facts, but as I come to realize what the ingredients are in freedom, I realize that forcing anything takes the effort backwards. Always.
4 hours ago · Like · 1
Jayvan Javier Santos Outreach it, do whatever. Write a book, sing, idk- but the point is to not isolate things, doing things behind doors or whatever. Especially when it doesn’t come down to IP rights.
4 hours ago · Like
Jayvan Javier Santos The best thing to do is to provide people the resource, and we already have one in Rochester! http://rocwiki.org/
Rochester Wiki – The People’s Guide to Rochester
Welcome to RocWiki, the People’s guide to Rochester, New York. This site is continually updated, expanded, and improved by people in Rochester, NY because they want to share what they love or loathe about their city. You can search the site by using the box on the upper right of every page, or you c…
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John Paul McGuire When we freedom fighters have “evolved” we will come to love stupid people for their stupidity, to find them endearing just as they are, not in a condescending way, not tempted to set up an idealistic system of sage-kings, but truly loving simplicity, poverty, “stupidity,” commonness. Once we have thus “evolved,” we are truly free. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care…about them just as they are. I am my brother’s keeper, but I am not my brother’s spoon-feeder.
4 hours ago · Like
Jayvan Javier Santos You start caring by knowing.
4 hours ago · Like
John Paul McGuire http://rocwiki.org/Illuminati_Catacomb_System
Illuminati Catacomb System – Rochester Wiki
The Illuminati Catacomb System does not exist beneath our city as an intricate network of subterranean passageways, connecting major centers of power, taking advantage of the natural caves formed by our city’s limestone foundation. There are no entryways to this non-existent network hidden inside mo…
4 hours ago · Like · 1 ·
John Paul McGuire Loving is repaid with love. Knowledge is not quite supreme or primal as Occultists suppose.
4 hours ago · Like
Jayvan Javier Santos I don’t know if I should check that out or what.
4 hours ago · Like
Jayvan Javier Santos Have you checked those places out?
4 hours ago · Like
John Paul McGuire Even Occultists, if grilled, will concede that God is love, light, sharing, caring, prior to and superior to knowing. Divine light is not exactly the same as cerebral information. It’s “light-years” beyond that.
4 hours ago · Like · 1
John Paul McGuire ‎^ That’s what I mean about “God.” It is not something DOWNGRADING, but ELEVATING. Orthodox Christian teaching is the world’s best-kept secret. It has not been tried and found wanting; by and large it has been found too much of a shock to the system and left untried!
4 hours ago · Like
Jayvan Javier Santos Personally I think God built the system for us to create and gain knowledge and is letting us take the wheel of our survival. It has always been like that IMO, it’s just people like violence and war instead of peace and discussion when resolving conflicts..
4 hours ago · Like
John Paul McGuire Okay, that’s good. Obviously our backgrounds differ but our observations and our goals align. My guess is, we are using the term “God” differently. That always short-circuits such conversations, but having a personal sense of God is one of the keys to not letting the state overstep its bounds. Anyway, I would agree that God allows freewill, though He is absolutely Providential. It’s a paradox no doubt, but basically it operates on a higher dimension than Newton or positivism allow us to consider. I would also agree that God often gives us what we ask for. That’s why Jesus entreats us to pray, to pray always and to address God (and Him alone) as “Papa”!

Saul Alinsky, a Russian Jew, attacks dogma as the enemy of man. He denounces orthodoxy then sets forth his own list of rules. This is how Satan operates. Pure hypocrisy, pure corruption, pure perversion, pure double-standard, Aliester Crowly, uncompromising “let’s be bad” mentality. With Lucifer, the lying light, there are no principles to free the spirit, only rules to enslave. But he can’t afford to just come out and admit to having rules; he has to call them something else; everything, absolutely everything, is smoke and mirrors with him. God says, “I am who am”; Satan says, “I am who am not.” Even his existence is a lie. (Because, I contend, only love lasts beyond this world, and Jesus would be the One who gave the supreme model of love, self-sacrifice on the deepest personal level.)

For an example, look at the scandals Demnocrats get away with that Republicans could never survive! Not that Republicans are angels, but I think Demoncrats are, as it were, “ahead of the curve” in double-standards and what almost seems to be a dogged personal commitment to hypocrisy!

So the upshot of this is, be all the “spiritual” you want, provided you discern among spirits. Is there any doubt that a film like Superbad was Nietzsche-inspired?
4 hours ago · Like · 1
Jayvan Javier Santos We need to be regulated less, when people say we’re asking for more government idk where they are getting that idea from. Or the one where people are scared saying Occupy is asking for anarchy and chaos. Wrong.

Also Lucifer was a great magician and that’s why he was stopped. Satan or whatever you want to call him are not the same people. Just to be clear on my view of that, but yeah people should be able to practice whatever religion as long as their church doesn’t get involved into politics, the only people that should be involved are just that PEOPLE. We shouldn’t have representatives because they aren’t doing their job so we should just have messengers and unbiased analysts.
3 hours ago · Like
John Paul McGuire If people accuse you of agitating for socialism, take it as an opportunity to become all the more entrenched, because you can never be too entrenched, in only advocating for more family.

If people accuse you of advocating primitivism, listen to them and try to find out what they value in the present system/order/establishment. It’s not a sin against the cause (assuming on some level it’s a just one) to take time to listen and think and talk. Listening is an art, and it’ll make all those “idk”s go away. You’ll get this with time. Even if your goal is mere human knowledge, it is still best served by learning to question yourself!

“Lucifer” means “light-bearer.” “Satan” means “accuser.” There are reasons a person may change his/her name, often having to do with entering or (in this case) departing God’s service. Scriptural examples include: “Abram” -> “Abraham,” “Saul” -> “Paul.”

Churches most certainly can get involved in politics under the Constitution (especially if you look at original federal and state constitutions); it is the state that cannot get involved in churches!

If you’re getting at what I think you are, we share a vision of D.C. as a very seldom (perhaps annually and totally transparently) convening body. This would be a corollary of localism.
40 minutes ago · Like
John Paul McGuire Given the impressionability of the young, there is realistically no power to the people without power to the parents.
39 minutes ago · Like

– Devil (GREEK): http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?allowed_in_frame=0&search=devil&searchmode=none
– Satan (HEBREW): http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?allowed_in_frame=0&search=satan&searchmode=none
– Lucifer (LATIN): http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?allowed_in_frame=0&search=lucifer&searchmode=none

Different names, different languages, same being? Recall Zeus and Jupiter et al. Is anyone making the case that they are different entities?
31 minutes ago · Like
Brian S. Briskie Guys…seperating religion from politics is like splitting atoms. It’s almost impossible, complicated and will only result in big bangs. The two, unfortunate as it may be, walk hand-in-hand.

And therein lies one of life’s big problems. Organized religion does and has done, more to divide people than it has to unite them.
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14,000 U.S. Dead in 14 Weeks After Fukushima Meltdown

14,000 U.S. Dead in 14 Weeks After Fukushima Meltdown


14,000 U.S. Dead in 14 Weeks After Fukushima Meltdown japan radiation fukushima nuclear nukes photo 001

  1. Study: Fukushima Radiation Has Already Killed 14000  – ZeroHedge

    7 hours ago –  of Health Services alleges that 14000 people have already died in the Certainly radiation from Fukushima is dangerous, and could very 

  2. Study: Fukushima Radiation Has Already Killed 14000 Americans 

    3 days ago – Study: Fukushima Radiation Has Already Killed 14000 Americans Health Services alleges that 14000 people have already died in the United 

  3. Study: Fukushima Radiation Has Already Killed 14000 Americans 


    11 hours ago – A new study published in the peer-reviewed journal International Journal of Health Services alleges that 14000 people have already died in the 

  4. Study: Fukushima Radiation Has Already Killed 14000 Americans

    2 days ago – Study: Fukushima Radiation Has Already Killed 14000 Americans Health Services alleges that 14000 people have already died in the United 

  5. Radioactive.eu.com – Study: Fukushima Radiation Has Already 


    2 days ago – Study: Fukushima Radiation Has Already Killed 14000 Americans Health Services alleges that 14000 people have already died in the United 

  6. Medical Journal Article: 14000 U.S. Deaths Tied to Fukushima 

    1 day ago – Impact Seen As Roughly Comparable to Radiation-Related Deaths After 14000 people die every day just from Global Warming alone. [/s] 

  7. Articles > Scientists Say F.D.A. Ignored Radiation Warnings


    5 days ago – The average lifetime dose of diagnostic radiation has increased  many as 14000 people may die every year of radiation-induced cancers as a 

  8. 14000 U.S. Deaths Tied to Fukushima Reactor Disaster Fallout, page 1

    6 posts – 4 authors – Last post: 4 days ago

    Sorry…but do they really have evidence that 14000 people died from radiationsickness in such a short period of time? I would think near instant 

  9. For what we are… they will be: 14000 killed in USA because of 


    2 days ago – We will have to hear the same for Fukushima: because people do not “die of radiation” but of some illness like leukemia or thyroid cancer or 

  10. Prison Planet.com » 14000 U.S. Dead in 14 Weeks After Fukushima 


    Dec 20, 2011 – The health impact of the radiation released from Fukushima was downplayed by the ….. 14000 people died as a result of Fuckushima. “Hillary 

Kurt Nimmo
December 20, 2011
A peer-reviewed study published in the International Journal of Health Services estimates 14,000 excess deaths in the United States are linked to the radioactive fallout from the Fukushima nuclear reactors. The article by Joseph Mangano and Janette Sherman is the first published in a medical journal.
“This study of Fukushima health hazards is the first to be published in a scientific journal. It raises concerns, and strongly suggests that health studies continue, to understand the true impact of Fukushima in Japan and around the world. Findings are important to the current debate of whether to build new reactors, and how long to keep aging ones in operation,” writes Joseph Mangano, who is an epidemiologist.
The authors write that that their estimate of 14,000 excess U.S. deaths in the 14 weeks following the Fukushima meltdowns is comparable to the 16,500 excess deaths in the 17 weeks after the Chernobyl meltdown in 1986. Most of the deaths occurred among U.S. infants under age one. The 2010-2011 increase for infant deaths in the spring was 1.8 percent, compared to a decrease of 8.37 percent in the preceding 14 weeks, the authors note.
The arrival of a radioactive plume over the United States following the March 11 disaster was downplayed by the establishment media despite the presence of levels of radiation in air, water, and milk hundreds of times above normal.
The highest detected levels of Iodine-131 in precipitation in the U.S. were as follows (normal is about 2 picocuries I-131 per liter of water): Boise, ID (390); Kansas City (200); Salt Lake City (190); Jacksonville, FL (150); Olympia, WA (125); and Boston, MA (92), according to a press release posted on December 19 by Joseph Mangano, Janette Sherman and the International Journal of Health Services.
“Based on our continuing research, the actual death count here may be as high as 18,000, with influenza and pneumonia, which were up five-fold in the period in question as a cause of death. Deaths are seen across all ages, but we continue to find that infants are hardest hit because their tissues are rapidly multiplying, they have undeveloped immune systems, and the doses of radioisotopes are proportionally greater than for adults,” said Janette Sherman, an adjunct professor at Western Michigan University, and contributing editor of “Chernobyl – Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment” published by the NY Academy of Sciences in 2009.
The health impact of the radiation released from Fukushima was downplayed by the Japanese and U.S. governments. “The United States came up with a decision to downplay Fukushima,” said Arnie Gundersen, a energy advisor veteran with 39 years of experience as a nuclear power engineer. “The US government has come up with a decision at the highest levels of the State Department, as well as other departments who made a decision to downplay Fukushima,” he said. “Hillary Clinton signed a pact with Japan that she agreed there is no problem with Japanese food supply and we will continue to buy them so we are not sampling food coming in from Japan.”
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95 Responses to “14,000 U.S. Dead in 14 Weeks After Fukushima Meltdown”
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Vic says:
December 20, 2011 at 9:45 am
Does anybody know for sure if 9/11 did not invlove nuke radiation? they been covering up a lot for the last 60 years so it would not surprize me one bit that there were nukes involved in 9/11 but like the rest: covered up ignored???
Billo Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 9:58 am
Some believe there were nukes involved. It takes something extraordinarily powerful to do the type of damage witnessed. What can vaporize steel and turn all the concrete into powder in about 10 seconds?
Vic Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 11:25 am
takes more than nukes to do that
Glen Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 3:11 pm
Moron… You would have to be retarded to believe that comment.
Quantummonkeybutt Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 7:33 pm
= – CRAZY ALERT!!! – = = – CRAZY ALERT!!! – = = – CRAZY ALERT!!! – = = – CRAZY ALERT!!! – = = – CRAZY ALERT!!! – =
No, Not Me, Monkey Boy!!!! :/
The Situation At Fu&%-U-Shima!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(www.) youtube.com/watch?v=N72G8p3Vj3U
(UnFukuShima Believable Fukushima Update; 12/14/11)
Quantummonkeybutt Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 7:38 pm
You Might Like This One Better…At Least Good For A Laugh 😉
Thanks To msmilkytheclown For Giving Us Your Special Humor Under Not-So Pleasant Conditions…
(www.) youtube.com/watch?v=i9LfEB3e3nc
Tom Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 2:01 pm
I read an article about “thermite” being created by first putting one chemical at all the places they wanted melted, and then another chemical was blasted onto it when the explosions took place. Can’t for the life of me find the article now, though….
dracula Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 2:55 pm
thermate not thermite a nantech design that can be used to melt down the steel into slag pools that stayed molten for months
not hours not days but months but i believe it was a miniature nuke to turn everything to dust like that the city had been radiated and they try to hide the truth for there should be permutations in animals and humans in that city
Glen Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 3:10 pm
No EMP no Nuke.
The Nuke 911 is a MYTH perpetrated by MORONS.
sauque madique Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 4:38 pm
sub surface nukes emp would be shielded by the ground and and the metal frame would also diffuse bit like a Faraday cage ,check a nbc tm for the difference between an air burst and a sub surface,why do you think they only do underground testing now no emp
Tom Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 6:35 pm
There you are again, Glen, trying to nay say serious issues. Your slip is showing.
Mark54321 Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 8:21 pm
You are clueless Glen or you are a troll. Are you shills now trying gain credibility by using normal names? Nukes were used on 911, as were other exotic weapons. Liars are headed for the lake of fire, and you are one of them unless you repent of your evil!
a_salty_dog Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 5:29 pm
A small 4 th Generation hydrogen bomb with an anti-hydrogen tamper (the Plutonium pit and conventional RDX explosives are eliminated leaving no fission products leaving only a Tritium signature). Considering you get a theoretical Fusion release of 6Kt per Kg, then the physics package devices would have been around the size and weight of a hand grenade.
Thats why even SEAL nuclear demolition experts such as Jesse Ventura has expressed an opinion that an exotic nuclear devices may have been used.
beijingyank Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 10:15 am
Sweetheart, the high levels of tritium reported right after “the event” by a Southern California university did not come from thin air.
There was also a radiation spike reported from government survey shortly after 911 coming out of the Israeli embassy on the east side of NY.
Google Dr. Ward, 911, and you will find the case for underground nukes compelling. Confirmation came years later with the rare cancer spike in the 911 rescue workers/firemen.
The funny story comes from a cop at Fishkill, the dump site for the 911 debris. One day the FBI came for a visit. The cop sitting in a shed to escape the fumes had a cloth mask and was wondering “what is wrong with this picture” when the FBI said “hello” in full hazmat gear, complete with duct tape at strategic locations of the armor.
Vic Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 11:27 am
if this is true, Bush , Cheney Rumfeld and mignions still walk free?
Tom Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 2:02 pm
Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld took down the WTC towers. Want to arrest them? Try it solo and see how far you get.
Glen Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 3:15 pm
As a ZIONIST STOOGE you would hate to see your best troops taken out.
Tom Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 6:36 pm
Glen — Americans in America who experience this shit will know what I mean. We don’t know who YOU are.
Fred C Dobbs Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 6:42 pm
It’s like the line in the movie Two Jakes. “They don’t arrest people like that, they name buildings after them”.
Jasher the Giant Killer Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 2:03 pm
They do have such things as mini nukes that vaporize things in split second up to a certain distance. Tge mossad has this type of weapon.
sauque madique Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 5:14 pm
tactical nuke are 155-255 artillery shells ( mini nuke )and yes they do exist the last 255s units were retired mid 80s early 90s and the arizona and missouri big guns were also capable of firing nuke rounds look at the treaties for what each side had ,the numbers of small nukes was not made public as much as the big warheads and icbms until the arms limitation treaty was dragged out due to the nuetron bomb and tactical stock piles assessment by all parties involved and ratified
truthistruth Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 2:30 pm
ok, i’m all for the 9/11 truth movement but come on people!!! did you see anything like a mushroom cloud? even a suitcase nuke would be obvious if it went off…
a_salty_dog Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 6:29 pm
The Baneberry underground nuclear weapons test kinda look familiar if you would imagine a rather large Skyscaper atop of it.
w w w. toptenz.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/Baneberry-Blast.jpg
Glen Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 3:14 pm
Where is your Proof, Paste a link to the documents.
Or it is just all crap.
Conventional EXPLOSIVES and Thermate was all that would be required.
To believe anything else was used is just Crap without proof.
sauque madique Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 4:47 pm
nuclear demolition treaty put that in a search engine also try operation plowshare same time frame as the design for these structures and the treaty is also mention in salt 1n2 in the 70s
a_salty_dog Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 6:44 pm
‘Conventional EXPLOSIVES and Thermate was all that would be required.’
I would have to agree with you there, but for one major flaw, which was the amount of structural steel that was left in the resulting pile and the lack of concrete which made it down to ground level whereas the paper did and the filing cabinets didn’t. The majority of the structural steel just simply went up in smoke/disappeared. I have even considered that the energy balance problem may have even been down to the possibility of pink and red water secretly used during the construction (a conspiracy theory you won’t hear about). The only conclusion based on the laws of thermodynamics i.e. the conservation of energy was that a nuclear source was indeed used.
Templewind Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 4:46 pm
Dr. Woods investigation pointed more to a Haarp type weapon since the underground “bowl” was practically undisturbed. She wasn’t discounting some portion of it being explosive in nature, but not the majority.
rxantos Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 4:34 pm
Your comment makes no sense. A nuke would have taken the area plus leave radiation.
However some people do believe that thermite was used.
a_salty_dog Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 5:45 pm
The X-ray pulse was picked up by the Russian GLONASS and the US GPS.
a_salty_dog Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 6:22 pm
A lot of research was carried out under the SDI initiative for very lightweight (quickly get into LOE) X-ray LASER (anti-hydrogen technology) during the Reagan administration.
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Spymyeys says:
December 20, 2011 at 9:45 am
“Hillary Clinton signed a pact with Japan that she agreed there is no problem with Japanese food supply and we will continue to buy them so we are not sampling food coming in from Japan”.
Here I thought that the radiation detectors “unexpectedly” failed all over the USA when the 1st plumes made to our shores and the lies that were told that nothing was wrong & the radiation levels have been adjusted so now all “reading” are considered safe- was the only shit they pulled on us.
So, all those stories about japaneese goods getting held up in customs and ultimitlly rejected entry into ports all over the world are just more lies. I am so fucking sick & tired of all the lies, lies, lies.
Ima just gonna tune out, turn on, and smile, all the way to the last free christmass in amerikka we will ever have under the current system of liars. Wake me up when it’s time to start killing the traitors of our republic, I am NOT going to miss out on that one!
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Vic says:
December 20, 2011 at 9:47 am
They fear IRAN because they now have nuclear power, but hey there are more than 400 nuclear plants on this planet and fushihama is just on place.Now how many more plants are leaking? or could suffer the same faith as Japan?
I guess BIg pharma wants to be very very rich? while we slowly die, they will sell us meds until we die? what a sick system.
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American Dystopia says:
December 20, 2011 at 10:22 am
14,000 so far which means Fukushima is already 5 time worse than 9/11 and many more tens of thousands of Americans will die over the years because of it. Will we spend trillions to modernize our Nuke plants? No radiation is good for you.
gibb Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 11:08 am
Everytime i see a post like this i get out my geiger counter and take a reading. Still only minor backroung radiation. From what i hear, that is leftover from the thousands of nuke test in the past. Our greatest dangers now are The super volcano at Yellowstone, genetically engineared germs meant to kill most of the earths population, The socialist traitors in DC.
The way i see it , our only hope is Jesus Christ .
Vic Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 11:34 am
well I don’t know about that, Jesus has nothing to do with all this.
He has been gone for more than 2,000 years seems.
our only hope is get rid of the criminals responsable of this NWO madness. one by one.
we are 7 billion still alive now. if we are to be killed, best bring one evil one with every one of us they kill? In the end game, the good ones will survive for evil is a handfull compared to the masses? or is it the case?
The Elite can see the plan is not going to go the way they thought it would.So we must prepare for something real bad soon.
dracula Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 2:59 pm
American Dystopia Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 12:41 pm
First of all Geiger Counters do NOT detect Plutonium,Uranium,or strontium they admit Alpha and Beta radiation Geiger Counters detect Gamma radiation only. You and I and everyone down wind of Fukushima breathed in these particles ate and drank them in the days and weeks after the disaster along with iodine-131, cesium-137 which are detectable.
Iodine-131 which made up the bulk of what a Geiger Counters could have detected is gone now having a half life of only 8 days. It would have made up the majority of fatalities reported in the Medical Journal Article.
Minor background radiation as fools and governments call it kills millions globally every year. It is comprised of sources both natural and man made, but all of it is just as deadly. No level is safe it’s all a statistical risk.
Example If you had a 1 in 1,000 chance of getting sick from the natural level of radiation in a given amount of time say 14 weeks and the level was increased just one percent your personal chances of getting sick haven’t changed hardly at all. However out of say 1 million people 1000 were going to get sick anyhow and because of the increase 10 additional people also got sick. Those ten were victims of what ever caused the increase.
a_salty_dog Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 5:40 pm
‘First of all Geiger Counters do NOT detect Plutonium,Uranium,or strontium they admit Alpha and Beta radiation Geiger Counters detect Gamma radiation only.’
Geiger Muller tube counters will detect Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation. The only difference is that you need to be nearer the source for Alpha emitters than you do for Beta emitters than you do for Gamma emitters.
American Dystopia Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 6:11 pm
When the source is a microscopic particle in your lung or in your bone marrow how do you get close enough?
Templewind Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 5:07 pm
Man have you got that right….but I would add that gathering a few people on a daily basis to pray according to the “Lord’s Prayer” model, and seeing if He will give specific instructions beyond that, is called for now. “Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done”. He does have a will, and I want to know what that is, for me and mine….and then, what can we do and how should we pray for any other thing He deems important! I hope that makes sense…
a_salty_dog Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 6:54 pm
‘When the source is a microscopic particle in your lung or in your bone marrow how do you get close enough?’
The hot particle exposure on the west coast of the USA was a major environment and health problem. There were reports that folks in Seattle were statistically breathing in 1-2 hot particle or fuel flies (even MOX plutonium) every day which was extrapolated from the the results of car engine air filters around 4-8 weeks after the Fukushima disaster.
You would probably need a Gamma Camera scan to locate the particle.
Mark54321 Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 8:30 pm
Jesus put Obama over the USA to bring judgment on a wicked and perverse generation of idolaters and rebels. You are going to now be given a choice to serve satan or serve Jesus, Obama is the Antichrist, he has been busy destroying the USA on behalf of the satanists and he is just getting started. He is about to take a bullet to the head from the Bush Cabal, he is going to be proclaimed dead by the media, and then satan is going to enter into him and bring him back to life. Then the whole world will wonder after the beast who had a head wound, BUT DID LIVE!
Look up the Obama prophecies.
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RiverRat says:
December 20, 2011 at 10:23 am
Ya know, I agree with a lot of the things I read on here but sometimes I read a story or comment that comes just completely outta left field. And, I gotta say, implying that WTC was nuked is a little too far out for me to buy. There would have been far more dead in NYC than what there were had that been a nuclear weapon. You can call me a “sheep” or whatever. Like I said, I whole-heartedly believe a lotta the things I read on here, just not some of it.
Philippe Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 10:31 am
You’re not alone. Some people believe in holographic planes used to slam into the towers. No shortage of speculation, but I’m still waiting for the evidence of some mini nuke used. It appeared to be a demolition, just with more powerful charges.
gibb Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 11:23 am
I was thinking the same thing. There are a lot of people out there that don’t know how things work. My first wife thought the TV picture came from the power cord. She said if you unplug it the picture stops. If you think about it, she was actualy right. The light that makes up the picture comes from the power cord. She said she didn’t believe they went to the moon also. Since everything dosn’t really exist ,it’s all an ellusion , she may be right again,,,, think about it???
Vic Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 11:42 am
YEp a lot of people ignore how nukes have evolved since 1945??????? and how many ignore what technlogies they now have to deceive us all?
since you seem to know a lot, what about the blue book UFO mind conditioning? why was that there? Roswell 1947, add to that philadelphia experiment, Montauk??? tesla technology HAARPS??? all too far fetched?
right now 9/11 is still left without a serious investigation.So how can anyone rule out nukes or another form of radiation technology was not used? since never before did anyone see two towers go down like dust? That wasn’t any conventional destruction.
Whether you beleive or not that holographic technology does exist, does not rule out it’s existance!!!! we can all agree on one thing: 9/11 was a major demolition operation no matter who succeeded to fool the most powerfull military country on the planet?
thus that is why 9/11 was and still is an inside job! look how Congress and the Senate vote? Is that not proof enough something is realy wrong?
Peace and LOve to all
Glen Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 3:22 pm
Damn Vic Grow a BRAIN you MORON
Templewind Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 5:19 pm
Google Dr. Judy Wood. She has done an incredible amount of work to uncover what actually happened, based on the pictorial evidence. She made a believer out of me that whatever turned those buildings into dust was not conventional weaponry, for the most part anyway.
wiggins Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 1:28 pm
How do you explain 1,400 cars multiple blocks away burnt to a cinder?
Glen Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 3:21 pm
They weren’t BURNT TO A CINDER.
The pictures you see with them all rusty are due to the IRON Micro Spheres deposited when the Thermate reacted, (Created iron spheres) and the Iron if the towers that was melted then blasted out in the explosion.
This rusted within days so the first photos looked like burned metal.
This is just PROOF of the method of Demolition not some HEAT Pulse from a NUKE.
Templewind Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 5:34 pm
And without door handles in many cases, but with unmelted rubber tires, full of air, on a car with a melted body. Too weird!
Tom Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 2:03 pm
RiverRat – Nukes come in all sizes. And some don’t even leave radiation.
Glen Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 3:17 pm
WOW TOMTARD….What a load of SHIT.
Damn you are a MORON.
They also have to have a CRITICAL MASS to be considered a NUKE.
Otherwise all DU Rounds would be considered nukes.
a_salty_dog Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 6:04 pm
Anti-matter. And yes anti-matter does exist. And yes the production facilities do exist (if you want to go looking for God Particle then $9 Billion USD is a hefty price tag) They are very expensive though compared to your common or garden 3rd generation Plutonium pit Tritium boosted Hydrogen bomb.
Tom Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 6:38 pm
a_salty_dog – Then I shouldn’t have said nuke. A-boms and H-bombs are different. Whatever the name, there are bombs that are as small as, as destructive as, but leaving no radiation as, a nuclear bomb.
Devout Deviant Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 7:13 pm
a_salty_dog said: Anti-matter. And yes anti-matter does exist
Really? How does one manufacture and contain ‘anti-matter’ for distribution?
a_salty_dog Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 8:03 pm
‘Really? How does one manufacture and contain ‘anti-matter’ for distribution?’
In a very hard vacuum containment electromagnetic bottle or a cryogenic system, i.e. few milli kelvin above absolute zero.
i.e. US Patent application number: 20100012864
most ideas are of course classified.
Mark54321 Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 8:32 pm
It was a micro nuke/s, get your brain in gear! Do some research!
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gearjammer1 says:
December 20, 2011 at 10:24 am
Big Pharma loves you….and don’t you forget it! Most certainly they have a huge stake in this soft kill op. But don’t worry they say…….they have a prescription for these pesky little daily inconveniences.
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maxxxem says:
December 20, 2011 at 10:26 am
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December 20, 2011 at 10:48 am
Hillary the great humnitarian Bilderberg seat warmer. Now watch the dumb libs vote for her.
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Billo says:
December 20, 2011 at 11:17 am
With freinds like our government who needs enemies. Their message was relax everythings OK. We were all harmed. Some of us have taken steps to ameleorate the effects the radiation most haven’t a clue.
It’s the people close to the edge that events like this will take out. Fact is our world has been degraded. Still more evidence that our worst enemies are our own psychopathic enemy owned leadership.
Vic Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 11:48 am
soon they will have resolved the problem. once more than 4 billion have been murdered scaring the rest to submission.
or project bluebeam is activated so the NWO does what it is meant to do?
a 1 world government with a 1 world religion.
worship your master see the picture?
that is where our race is headed too.But………. there are so many unpredictable things that can happen that can ruin the plan of that BORG take over……… history will tell us the true answers I guess? but most of us will be statistics
Vic Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 11:52 am
statistic either death by virus flue? or nuked, or earth quakes and tsunami’s??? your choice is as good as mine?
dracula Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 3:12 pm
what if project blue beam is a fraud and i have papers i got on that item twenty years ago
saying the govt has a giant holo projector i wonder if that is a lie since in the book of genesis says that the creator put emits between the serpents seed and the womans seed or in plain term the dna what if they are ufos are real and that the fallen ones are reptoids and they are trying to alter the human genome and maybe that is the mark of the beast not some transponder
to finish off the conjecture here is this they have the tech to melt steel and not leave anytype of radiation look at ancient places in the world were there are cities who were nuked over 5000 years ago and they found remains of humans turned to glass mainly the skeletal remains
and stuff like this has been hidden or destroyed by the mad people to hide the truth like giant skeletal remains that seems to disappear and tossed into the ocean to get rid of the evidence
Glen Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 3:23 pm
You sure are Full of the Crazy Moron Ideas hey Vic
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Matzo Man says:
December 20, 2011 at 12:09 pm
The point as I see it is that our government DOES NOT tell us about it, and in fact, they lie about it.
So why is Raw Milk so important that it merits a Federal raid but a RADIOACTIVE CLOUD, oh, that is OK?
Something is wrong here! Get out of their mind control!!! Free yourself, and Do Not TRUST them!
They want your death.
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sovereign1 says:
December 20, 2011 at 12:12 pm
what about the israelis that were there to document the event?
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bkr360 says:
December 20, 2011 at 12:29 pm
Oh my F-ing God, I wanted to believe that the radiation was not as bad, but I must be dumb. 14,000 people died as a result of Fuckushima. “Hillary Clinton signed a pact with Japan that she agreed there is no problem with Japanese food supply and we will continue to buy them so we are not sampling food coming in from Japan.”
All I want to know is where the ruling elite are, so they can be arrested for treason and fraud. This surly against the law, Fraud and signing it on paper OMG what is wrong with the FBI and our Law Enforcement. There jobs are to investigate and arrest these criminals.
It is time the people take back control of our country.
Vic Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 12:41 pm
If it is true Hilary signed such a document why is she walking free?
Vic Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 12:43 pm
what is the FBI doing about it?
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sniper says:
December 20, 2011 at 12:38 pm
They all lied and people got fryed!
Devout Deviant Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 8:15 pm
Ha HA!!
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ms.christmas says:
December 20, 2011 at 12:41 pm
yes, they lied to everyone.
many lifes will be devastated for many years. and mutataion will occur in olater years. birth defects ect. the bigger picture isnt so bright..
what about the 3200 un capped oil wells in the gulf of mexico.. how much are they seeping out of clear liquid u can not se by the eye. they dont have to be capped becuse they have permits. everyone is worried about bp.. one oil well .. when there are 3200 un capped oil wells.. gosh.. give me a break.. they are destroying our world.. man will destroy his self , thats how selfish some can be in life. damn stupid if u ask me
bkr360 Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 1:44 pm
It has been known that there is a river of Oil floating in the Atlantic Ocean. All the sea life in our oceans are going to be contaminated for a very long time. Oil is like the Blood of the dead and the Angel has already poured it out, so what is the next on the list of the End Times?
Templewind Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 5:50 pm
Apparently, the martyrs below the altar of God have already lost patience and have asked God, “How long before you avenge our deaths”? To this enquiry He said, “Until the others who will be martyred as you were, shall come to pass”.
I think that’s about where we are about now. Somewhere in the latter part of the “looseing of the seals”. Rev. chapter 6.
“And they overcame him by the Blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony, AND THAT THEY LOVED NOT THEIR LIFE, UNTO DEATH”!
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jeffydiver says:
December 20, 2011 at 12:49 pm
Well, the facts are, radiation causes extreme chromosome damage, that is something you won’t see develop for a long period of time. I don’t care if it’s X-Rays, it separate the chromosomes like a knife through butter. When the Chromosomes divide they duplicate the same defective Chromosome, and this is the beginning stages of tumor development. It doesn’t matter if you ingest it, drink it, or breath it, you’re a walking dead person waiting to happen. If you procreate, the baby is a goner, there is no cure.
The other side of the coin is the repair DNA, that tries to correct the mishap, they give up and quit their jobs. Lesson here is Nuclear is no good and needs to be scrapped from off the face of the earth. It is much wiser to start using Hydrogen and implementing the use of hydrogen for fuel uses and electric generation. The science is there, the safety procedures are available, get into it.
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Fotozine says:
December 20, 2011 at 1:00 pm
This is incredible news. Of course I warned on my blog about the real consequences of Fukushima for those on the West Coast at the time the event was unfolding. I wonder what the statistics are for those in Japan?
dncholas Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 2:44 pm
It’s not just the west coast it nationally. Most of the radiation is traveling via the clouds.
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Rabbi Sam says:
December 20, 2011 at 1:11 pm
AJ could have been more specific regarding EPA removing radiation detection equipment throughout America’s Northwest region (which had been in place for nearly 60 years in many cases) whilst the public who could access private monitoring eqipment noticed the huge spike in radiation following Fukushima’s completel preventable meldown.
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bulldog_1990 says:
December 20, 2011 at 1:41 pm
I’ve gone full circle. At one point I was sold on some type of mollecular disassociation. Now, I wonder if anything we saw on TV on 9/11 was real. All of that could have been fabricated and streamed for live television. How the buildings came down could have been powerful ordinary demolition. If what we saw on TV was real we saw some new kind of technology.
Agree also the Congress is co-opted. Really, the priority of the moment is a bill to detain Americans without any representation? There is so much wrong I would not know even where to start. That we can live our lives and not be in full fledged revolution right now blows my mind.
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TheShadow says:
December 20, 2011 at 1:51 pm
You’re spot on, Vic. Holographics for sure and some help from PhotoShop-doctored “live” coverage. Hollywood and the stuff of David Copperfield = a HUGE illusion which fooled most. No problem for the whack-heads, though, who are way ahead technically while the goyim are 20+ years behind. But, they are eventually afforded a few crumbs such as the GPS, cell phones, and home computers operating at low-level capability, eg.
Dr. Wood expressed that something unknown was used at WTC but didn’t commit to just what that might have been.
It’s quite disturbing to “wake up” only to discover that the possibility of a wholesome, peaceful existence on Earth is being perpetually undermined by pink-eyed, brain-warped psychos…speaking of “black holes” in the Universe.
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TheShadow says:
December 20, 2011 at 1:52 pm
You’re spot on, Vic. Holographics for sure and some help from PhotoShop-doctored “live” coverage. Hollywood and the stuff of David Copperfield = a HUGE illusion which fooled most. No problem for the whack-heads, though, who are way ahead technically while the goyim are 20+ years behind. But, they are eventually afforded a few crumbs such as the GPS, cell phones, and home computers operating at low-level capability, eg.
Dr. Wood expressed that something unknown was used at WTC but didn’t commit to just what that might have been.
It’s quite disturbing to “wake up” only to discover that the possibility of a wholesome, peaceful existence on Earth is being perpetually undermined by pink-eyed, brain-warped psychos…speaking of “black holes” in the Universe.
TheShadow Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 1:56 pm
Hey, AJ, fix this damn thing! It’s got the effin hiccups!
Glen Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 3:29 pm
Holographic planes……WTF.
Fuck some of you people are MORONS…..Just RETARDED INBRED IDIOTS.
Shadow you prove yourself to be a COMPLETE RETARD.
Congratulations The BELIEF IN CRAP award goes to you for this
Billo Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 6:11 pm
Hello enemy shill.
a_salty_dog Reply:
December 20th, 2011 at 6:13 pm
Holographic planes are a ridiculous attempt to muddy the waters, but it can be said with some certainty that the AA planes that were meant to have struck the WTC1 and WTC2 towers were in fact, two of the first 4 Boeing 767 prototypes because of the Murray Street engine that has been identified with an incorrect turbine diffuser ring belonging to the wrong type of PW engine used on these AA airliners i.e Boeing 767-200s
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Spymyeys says:
December 20, 2011 at 3:04 pm
since the good ole gubbermint gave me a nice big fat case of cancer through BENZINE poisoning,
WELCOME to the club!
Seems to me with all the reported and unreported radioactive elements, toxic chemicals, and air-born pollution that we are bombarded with everyday weather we like it or not, the NWO is having a harder time killing off large populations in a timely manner. If the goal is to sicken then kill most of the sheeple out there in the fly-over country, I must say mission accomplished. It is only a matter of time before the particular weakness in your genes is made suseptable to all the poisons and you either sicken or die, or both.
It is hard living with an illness day in & day out, pain you cannot escape, and a disability that leaves you a cripple compaired to a few short months ago when you were feeling fine!
Live everyday like it is your last day, because someday that will be true! Love someone, Laugh, and have some fun, so you can have some GOOD memories to dwell on at the end.
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Call me Nobody says:
December 20, 2011 at 3:52 pm
I know this is off the subject, but since we have…depleted uranium can be mixed with high explosives, and it can burn for hours after the explosion at thousands of degrees. Notice the molten metal like lava pouring out of the WTC where the planes hit. Or the Pentagon fire that burned white-hot for hours after it was hit? Go to youtube and check out the videos yourself. Also, be sure to watch for the Pentagon fire and rescue workers who are undergoing decontam proceedures. Did you know the steel that was sent to China from the WTC was turned away by China. Why? Because it contained high levels of radio activity. These are all facts by the way. As for Japan, its about god-damn time they got that shit under control and as for me it be a long time before I eat anything that says MADE IN JAPAN.
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Gay_Ray says:
December 20, 2011 at 5:26 pm
I doubt that hologram airplanes were used in 9/11 but as nobody seems to have youtubed their own personal video footage it’s reasonable to assume that all the cameras in the area were ‘collected’ for evidence leaving official sources as the only place to see the planes.
Look up Bugs Bunny in Disneyland and adults remembering childhood air balloon flights after being shown a couple of photoshops of themselves to get the picture.
Imagine how many witnesses to big smoke and loud noises will insert their own airplanes into their brains when exposed to so many re-runs of the event (and evil glances from their friends should they express the slightest doubt).
Ignoring that for a moment, WTC7 may in fact be misdirection; by bringing down a third building and making people assume there was ‘meant to be a third plane impact’ distracts (possibly) from the real reason two planes were required…
It’s not easy explaining why so much footage of a terror plane was ready for only one crash! The second plane was DESIGNED to arrive in time for loads of cameras and witnesses; it had to go out LIVE AND DIRECT for the people to react instintively and buy into the war of terror.
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particle1 says:
December 20, 2011 at 5:32 pm
This is the reason all novelist leave out the spent rod melt downs from doomsday novels, there would be no planetary survivors to make a story about.
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a_salty_dog says:
December 20, 2011 at 7:28 pm
Americans should be calling for the immediate closure of all their BWRs, just as the Government has decided in Germany. These Nuclear Reactors were never safe (leading to a full melt down that could escape the containment) and the engineers and scientists who designed them know that were hurriedly built to a corporate unit cost deemed acceptable rather than on safety grounds, much like the Russian RBMK design.
This us why the much safer UK AGRs were never commercially successful.
The 1992 BBC documentary ‘Pandora’s Box’ exposed the reality of this situation in the UK and most Americans are still today unaware of the dangers.
w w w. youtube. com/watch?v=uS01DaQUu3g

What Is Wrong with Secret Societies


Secret societies, as the name implies, are fraternities and sororities (e.g. The Knights & Dames/Ladies of This, the Order of That, Rotary, Lyons, Shriners, Scouts, Squires, Sorcerers’ Apprentices [made-up?], Mickey Mouse Club, Masons, Fraternities & Sororities with [Enlightenment-inspired] Greek initials etc.) that keep secrets. The word Occult means hidden, and most secret societies house and use Occult paraphernalia. Because they are brotherhoods and sisterhoods and therefore stand for factionalism/partisanship, they neglect, implicitly deny and are inherently inimical to the universal brotherhood true, godly prophets are always speaking of. This is how we can know secret societies are of the shadow. The most common defense of secret societies is that they do charitable or philanthropic (“man-loving”) work, but the implication is that they are better than the run of humanity and are extending an unearned mercy from their lodge in the sky, deigning to succor hapless mortals. But perhaps the greatest danger of vowing secrecy in any group is that this ties one’s spirit down, sets up needless bonds and keeps one from relating to God and neighbor in a healthy way. Inescapably ALL ARE MY BROTHERS, AND ONLY IN GOD ARE MY SECRETS. Secret societies routinely exist as an invitation to the corrupt (who need to escape from their wives) and perverse (who are prospecting for “wives”) to achieve an unearned gravitas that healthy society, the open kind that meets in the daytime, has sensibly denied them. The consequence is that secret societies uniquely invite and purvey sado-masochism and bondage, obsession and possession, and the danger among those who oppose them is to fall into the same ways (if they haven’t already). So I say, the most helpful legwork to oppose secret societies without drinking the same poison is to avoid and denounce opacity and cliques in everyday life, in business, in politics; then you’ll be ready when the freaky battles come! Live in the light of day in the real world, commonly, uprightly, have no secrets and nothing to hide. Justice is contagious, at least it is when you’re dealing with living humans.

TOTAL NEWS MEDIA BLACKOUT ON NDAA Bill of Rights Day Rally Against the National Defense Authorization Act

  • Steven Vincent

    December 13

    Steven Vincent


      This means that the report may be sent back to the House and Senate and there will probably be a vote on Bill of Rights Day!


      Federal Information & News Dispatch, Inc.
      Contact: ara Andringa (Levin) 202-228-3685

      Brian Rogers (McCain) 202-224-7130

      December 12, 2011 T


      WASHINGTON — Senator Carl Levin (D-MI), Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, announced today that the committee has completed its conference of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year (FY) 2012. The bill authorizes funding for the Department of Defense (DOD) and the national security programs of the Department of Energy (DOE).

      “The conference report on the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 which was adopted today enables the Congress to pass this Act for the fiftieth consecutive year. Although the conference agreement authorizes $26.6 billion less than the budget request, I am confident that it provides adequate support for the men and women of the armed forces and their families and provides them with the means to accomplish their missions,” Senator Levin said.

      “The conference report approved this evening is vitally important to our nation’s defense, provides for our men and women in uniform, and ensures that our military has the essential resources, training, technology and equipment to succeed in protecting our national security interests around the world,” said Senator McCain. “This legislation is the product of 11 months of hard work and hundreds of hours of hearings and meetings by House and Senate members and staff. I am proud of the bipartisan spirit that has once again characterized this process, and allowed us to address some difficult issues, including terrorist detainees, Iran sanctions, the F-35 program and aid to Pakistan. The fact that all 26 members of the conference committee have signed on to this bill shows that there is bipartisan agreement that this legislation addresses and satisfies the Administration’s concerns related to the detainee provisions that were fully debated in Congress in recent weeks. I deeply appreciate the hard work and dedication of my friend Chairman Levin, whose leadership has been essential to continuing the tradition of deliberate review and oversight that the Defense Authorization Bill has provided our nation’s military for over fifty years without fail.”

      Senator Levin added, “I want to commend my Senate partner Senator McCain for his hard work and cooperation. I am particularly pleased that we have dealt successfully with the difficult issues relating to detainees, Iran sanctions, counterfeit electronic parts, F-35 contracting, and a host of additional matters that are discussed below. The detainee provisions in particular have been written to be doubly sure there is no interference with civilian interrogations and other law enforcement activities and to ensure the President has the flexibility he needs to use the most appropriate tools in each case.”

  • Steven Vincent

    December 14

    Steven Vincent


      You better shut up
      You better not cry
      Better not protest
      I’m telling you why
      Indefinite Detention is coming to town!

      They’re making a list
      They’re checking it twice
      They’re gonna tell you
      If you’re a terrorist or nice
      Indefinite Detention is coming to town!

      They know if you are sleeping
      They know if you’re awake
      They know if you’re a sheep or not
      So be a sheep for your own sake!

      You better shut up
      You better not cry
      Better not protest
      I’m telling you why
      Indefinite Detention is coming to town!
      Indefinite Detention is coming to town!

  • Steven Vincent

    December 14

    Steven Vincent

  • Steven Vincent

    December 16

    Steven Vincent

    • Statement adopted by Bill of Rights Day People’s Assembly at the West Los Angeles Federal Building:

      We the People, assembled in protest and exercising our First Amendment rights of Free Assembly and Free Speech, condemn the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act. The timing of its passage on the 220th anniversary of the adoption of the Bill of Rights and its signing into law on the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party is tantamount to a declaration of war against the very principles of Freedom and Rule of Law.

      The law contains provisions that mandate that the military hold any person anywhere accused of being a terrorist or aiding terrorists, including Americans on American soil, in indefinite detention until the end of the Global War on Terror and the end of hostilities. Since under the new law the determination that an individual is a terrorist suspect is entirely arbitrary and without recourse to juridical appeal, by definition it therefore attempts to obliterate the fundamental Constitutional protections of Habeas Corpus and Due Process. NDAA institutes a regime in which the Rule of Law is replaced by the arbitrary Rule of Men. In the absence of Rules, by definition, we are left only with Rulers. The Corporatist regime has indicated its willingness to use the usurped power of the State against We the People in order to perpetuate its rule of theft, plunder, crime, ruin and war.

      Our Constitutional Rights are inalienable. We do not recognize the legitimacy of the Indefinite Detention provisions of this Act. Having declared itself outside the Constitution and the Rule of Law, the Corporatist regime is itself illegitimate and any and all actions taken by it going forward are inherently null and void.

      All levels and divisions of the Corporatist Elite have participated in this crime. In particular, we condemn the total information blackout perpetrated by the mainstream, big news media that saw fit to deny the American people a broad debate over this Act and its implications.

      In addition, the bill provides for severe sanctions against the petroleum industry and financial system of Iran, which we can only surmise are precursors to war. We regard the Indefinite Detention provisions of NDAA as a preparation for the strong opposition that will inevitably arise from the American people to such a war.

      We the People will not be cowed into submission. We will stand tall and strong for the repeal of this heinous Act, the total reversal of all police state measures, the revocation of the Rule of Men and the restoration of the Rule of Law. Congress, the President and all military and government officials connected with the drafting and passage of this Act, having blatantly violated their oaths of office to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution”, should resign immediately. We the People will work tirelessly to find and exercise all peaceful, legal means and measures to redress this grievance and hold those responsible to account.

      We the People of Los Angeles
      Assembled at the West Los Angeles Federal Building
      December 15, 2011


Two sides to the story on the Vatican and the Jesuits

Subject of a message to me initiated by a woman (whom we will call “Priscilla”) raised Protestant and now Eastern Orthodox:

Secret societies explained on you tube

Priscilla Nelson Priscilla.Nelson@gmail.com (not a real email address)
Dec 22 (4 days ago)
to me
The Secret Behind Secret Societies, part 1
Search for it on you tube and watch every segment if you can. It seems to provide a large number of the answers I have been looking for about the underworld stuff.
It leads me to want to suggest you consider what it might mean for you personally.
In all sincerity and Christian love,

John McGuire
Dec 22 (4 days ago)
to Priscilla
Thank you, Priscilla. There is no reason for you to be timid. By now I know your sincerity. As to the video, I’ve viewed it. This may sound cynical, but I don’t believe it’s new, just dazzlingly presented with a British accent. (BTW, we were actually just talking about “Dominus Iesus.”) I fail (not for want of Googling) to find any basis for his claim about the Vatican seal, but if you can find anything else supporting it, that would help. F.Y.I.: if I’m not mistaken this is the sort of thing the Reformation was based on (if not word-for-word the exact thesis our jolly friend Luther posited to where this presentation borders on plagiarism), the only thing that (if intellectually plausible, which again it is not that I have been able to find so far) could conceivably justify splitting from the Church (that is, from the Papal Communion), though it is entirely negative (“Zen”) in nature and only finds a magic island of cataphatic theology in Mormonism (which I think is also patently false). (Statement to the savvy: there is a very Anti-Catholic reason the Mormon Church campaigns so heavily and the media helps them. Mormonism is the only stable isotope divorced from Catholicism because it uses all the same elements of classical Catholicism to the opposite end. It is the definitive Anti-Church. The upshot is that, in a universe where Catholicism isn’t true, Mormonism looks pretty appealing even to pure souls.) But for those who have not yet graduated from schism to Neo-Mohammedist (or Anglo-Mohammedist) Mormonism, it must beg the question, “Why have a church at all?” And that brings us to Daniel Leach’s present stance.
Why don’t you guys come join a little discussion group we’re forming with Daniel and some of my liberty-minded fellow-Catholics? I am sure we could continue to sharpen each other’s habits and views considerably.
[…] God love you all.

John McGuire
Dec 22 (4 days ago)
to Priscilla
(A studious Catholic priest is quoted in a Mormon PowerPoint presentation as making the observation I source above, that basically it’s either Catholicism or Mormonism, that nothing else has a leg to stand on. [Of course one could well question whether he’d considered Orthodoxy or generally whether he was too intellectualistic {to which some would even add secret-society oriented} in his approach.])

John McGuire
Dec 22 (4 days ago)
to Priscilla
One thing you right away noticed about me was that I was an enthusiastic Catholic. This is because (no doubt partly thanks to my neuroatypicality) I always tend to hear not style but substance, not what is presented but what is said, not innuendo but, if you will, platitude. And I sensed already that among Western Christian denominations only Catholics seemed to have much interest in the Incarnation (nor for that matter in love! but we’ll touch on that later). Plus, while Evangelicals spoke of Chrst’s death as saving us, Catholics added that his Resurrection was pretty critical in achieving that end. There are many other areas besides where Protestants offer a sort of crude proposition loosely based on the Bible and where their (ostensibly purely legalistic) suppositions took them, whereas Catholics offer something that (in my view) grows right out of Scripture’s testimony. It seems like the same presumption vs. trust issue you get with the I am saved soteriologoy vs. God help me love him more. Where love is mentioned frequently rather than divorced from the work of salvation and sanctification – now here’s a cavalier-sounding criterion if ever there was one – where love is mentioned frequently I tend to think the theological legwork is done. Because God commanded nothing apart from love, so much so that Jesus sums up all his commandments as Love. Occultists don’t tent to get around to touching on “love.” Those who speak for Jesus speak of “love.” That is how I follow the Good Shepherd’s voice. Pretty simplistic, right? Well, that’s the wellspring of joy. I don’t doubt that both our respective communions have their secrets, their worldly-minded fraternities, their public relations think tanks, and yes, their exaggerated ways of speaking of other sects so that they may keep their members by fear if not by love. But what is really the best way to combat these? I want to suggest that it is by doing our Gospel duty. And of in doing that, love prompts you to search YouTube for everything you can on secret societies, then please keep on doing it! Because love is not separate from information, not the “love” the world wants which is banal and apathetic. Love births zeal, and love also births trust. I am sorry not to be in your group. I can understand why you believe I should be. But perhaps in spite of this you can assent to something I’ve said, supposing I speak the truth. (It is almost Christmastime.)

Priscilla Nelson Priscilla.Nelson@gmail.com
Dec 22 (4 days ago)
to me
All I needed to see was the blood-thirsty oath taken by Jesuits. The pope sanctions the Jesuits. There are pagan statues all over the vatican. What more do I need to know? I am confused by your statements of loyalty to such a church.

John McGuire
Dec 23 (3 days ago)
to Priscilla
Were the Blood Oath taken by Jesuits whom the pope sanctions I would be alarmed. But the oath originated during a political campaign in the United States which is why it is in the Library of Congress. There are pagan statues all over all ancient pagan cities. What more do you need to know? I am confused by your statements of credence to such nonsensical theories. You are way smarter than that. 🙂

Priscilla Nelson Priscilla.Nelson@gmail.com
Dec 23 (3 days ago)
to me
Where was I to get this information you have added? How may I substantiate it? There are pagan statues all over pagan cities, yes, but in the vatican? The Vatican is not ancient-pagan. I may be smart, but I lack complete information, evidently. I don’t find the theories nonsensical in the slightest. The dots connect.

John McGuire
Dec 23 (2 days ago)
to Priscilla
Well, for starters the Blood Oath would be laughable if it weren’t actually accepted by so many as credible. There is nothing to substantiate it, therefore any honest person discards it however he may feel toward the Jesuits or Catholics or Spaniards or whatever prejudice you can name. Every group is somewhat secretive. (And that’s no secret!) That is how it sustains its groupness. Larger groups have more secrets. Global groups have the most secrets. Then consider that the Jesuit Order is the largest Catholic priestly order. But s to the Blood Oath, its real origins are painfully obvious even just looking at how it’s written. Is a Spanish original ever cited? Are these people interested in credible facts or just feelings? I mean, I love a good ghost story at least as much as anyone, but this is just sad. See, if you knew David Higbee who really serves the “everyman’s history,” you may understand the American tradition of making things up about Catholics lest the naturally unappealing Protestant sects hemorrhage members. They got rid of the stuff people stopped believing. Thus, for instance, you may not be acquainted with The Confessions of Maria Monk, an over-the-top work of fiction passed off as factual for the sake of indoctrination. (Incidentally, what a sick “Christianity.” And Catholics are told we have to defend ourselves against total blind-siding fiction? We’re guilty until proven innocent? We are second-class citizens, and the culprit is Frenchophobia.) Foxe’s Book of Martyrs? (This is the famous “second-only-to-the-Bible”!) The Book of Mormon? The Jesuits Blood Oath falls squarely in this genre, and it’s really that simple. 🙂 Have you had occasion to meet a Jesuit?
But paranoia goes a long way in playing on our imagination and making a group that is different from or even just separate from one’s own seem evil. And anything that’s big enough–anything that’s big enough–generates conspiracy theories that seem credible because, who knows, they could have covered it up because they’re big and powerful…and truthfully I want to feel kind of big and powerful (calls for unsparing introspection [which is a Christian duty anyway]: inferiority complex some?), so I’ll shut my eyes and make believe they’re plotting my demise because, in spite of what I may tell myself about my heavenly beliefs and loves, that’s the only way I have found to really feel that rush of significance. As for the Vatican’s art collection, everything can be seen as pagan through the right Puritanical lens. As for Catholic worship, it is not in any wise pagan. So we have ancient pagan stuff lying around. It’s history. Semitic Christians retain Jewish stuff. Ultimately Jesus saves all cultures. The is even a cross atop the obelisk. This shows (to those who care to understand the symbolism) who conquers whom. Very poignant. I understand the hype, i.e. the lines connecting the dots according to predetermined hatred. What you would be missing is the history of how things in the West developed. Because being raised Protestant you bore the brunt of it. So sick, so sad, so toxic. Not everything is fact, and not every fact is presented in historical context because to do so would simply destroy certain groups out there. I mean, you can feel however you want toward whomever you want, but maybe I am not possessed of the polarity needed to share those feelings.

Priscilla Nelson Priscilla.Nelson@gmail.com
Dec 24 (2 days ago)
to me
I try to associate myself with groups that serve God not man. The Orthodox Church does not have or condone secret societies, nor does it have any secrets of its own. It is very transparent and open to all. In doing so, we have not lost any “groupness”.
The sources I was learning from were primary sources. I don’t know how to decide which primary sources to discard or what formula to use to decide that the catholic church is more innocent than it looks. The doctrine of Papal supremacy is an absolute heresy, and the statues of Peter as Jupiter and King David as Pan and Moses with HORNS(!) are not just ancient artifacts that were lying around when the church showed up. That’s hogwash.
Pagan godesses adorning the Sistine chapel ceiling are pagan goddesses. They are not anything else. They don’t belong in church. I don’t know what the book of Mormon and Foxe’s stupid book of martyrs have to do with this since I am neither Mormon nor Protestant and care for neither book.
I have no way to “tell” that this or that document is or is not authentic. What is the rule for that? How am I to tell? What makes it so obvious to you?
Did you join some lay order or something? Was there an oath involved? Are you absolutely sure it is not something that is trapping you? I’m talking about spiritual entrapment and I am dead serious. That is the only reason I brought all this up in the first place.

John McGuire
Dec 24 (2 days ago)
to Priscilla
Well, speaking of transparency, this latest message really refreshes me, and I thank you for it.
First of all, I have left off Knights of Columbus meetings since the Fall because those I now trust (as opposed to those I used to trust, i.e. family and priest acquaintances I happened to have) consistently have no use for them. I had considered becoming a Lay Carmelite or a Secular Carmelite, because this is a spirituality that has resonated with me, but I never moved on that mostly due to the age difference and my then-inability to keep up rigorous daily prayers. So I am bound by no oath, vow or promise beyond that of Christian initiation which we share in common.
I didn’t know you were referring to statues and paintings of angels and saints when you were talking about “pagan” Vatican objects. I’ll speak to the one concern you expressed that actually resonated with me because it seemed more concrete than speculative. The Hebrew word for “rays” and “horns,” as I understand it, are identical. Moses is said to have had two of them coming out of his head. Hence artists, fearful of heresy, portray him with something ambiguous enough that it might be interpreted either way. So this, by contrast, is not an example of inculturation but actually of simple scriptural fidelity. Keep the specific questions coming! 🙂

John McGuire
Dec 24 (2 days ago)
to Priscilla
On second thought, the KofC vows may be said to bind me still, particularly the vow to secrecy. How would I get that treated?

John McGuire
Dec 24 (2 days ago)
to Priscilla
A Facebook friend made the following suggestion on my KofC severance project: “If I were renouncing an oath, I’d send the private renunciation via the ‘real mail’: an actual letter, and take out an ‘ad’ in the local newspaper for the public part. Think of it like a divorce: you serve the parties with papers, and put [it] in the ‘public record.’ “

Priscilla Nelson Priscilla.Nelson@gmail.com
Dec 24 (2 days ago)
to me
This may sound extreme, but if it were me, I’d get an exorcism.

John McGuire
9:49 PM (21 hours ago)
to Priscilla
Do you mean that I should begin with an exorcism, or that that’s the ace-in-the-hole on this?

Priscilla Nelson Priscilla.Nelson@gmail.com
10:51 PM (20 hours ago)
to me
Wait, what about that Society of Jesus group? Didn’t you say that was pretty rough?
Whatever else you need to do is great, but I would not fail to get one. You should google and read Orthodox exorcism prayers for context.

Priscilla Nelson Priscilla.Nelson@gmail.com
10:55 PM (20 hours ago)
to me
While it is nice that you have an answer for Moses’s horns, what about Peter and David? And the Sistine chapel. I just don’t get how all that doesn’t bug the heck out of you. It is not ambiguous.

John McGuire
11:06 PM (20 hours ago)
to Priscilla
The vows I took with the Legion of Christ are expired. Good things have been happening for me lately. I don’t know if you’re back in town now, but if you are I’d be open to discussing this.

John McGuire
11:11 PM (20 hours ago)
to Priscilla
The short answer on Peter and David is that I never for a moment thought of them as anything except what Sacred Scripture and Tradition tell us, not in terms of any Pagan archetypes of Zeus and whoever. Just because they’re statues and not icons, or are there other reasons this afflicts you so? The Sistine Chapel, while not my idea of beauty, is a scriptural work. Your paradigms seem polarized.

John McGuire
3:13 AM (16 hours ago)
to Priscilla
The Secret Behind Secret Societies loses all credibility when its opening statement (directed presumably at people who have no experience with anything Vatican apart from stark raving mad Romophobic libel), asserts that there is this seal that the Vatican uses on all its official (public) documents…except no one has ever seen it anywhere. This is just silly, infantile, laughable from head to toe, you have to to agree. And I do like a good laugh just like a good ghost story. But the buzz or rush something gives me doesn’t make me consider it profitable research automatically. On which side are the demons here? Are they all on my side that I need to be exorcised until I come to hearken to such lunacy as YouTube “research” proffers? Am I playing Satan, accuser, or is rather this man on The Secret Behind Secret Societies? Anything to divert attention away from Anglicanism, under whose patronage Masonry was brought to world-class refinement, because their histories are full of holes, but the Catholic Church doesn’t see it as her mission to be Satan and lash out against every other group out there. The sheep will instinctively follow the Good Shepherd. I realize that Protestants need to think the Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon, not only because their pope Luther says she is, but because it’s the only way they can explain to themselves why they, though completely in the right, have been unable to wrench all the Church’s children away from her. It’s much easier to repeat juicy Biblical interpretations than admit to being human and wrong. Besides, it’s more fun. The only thing it isn’t is Christian.
But I generally wish groups would break that dirty habit of bad-mouthing other groups, be it aggressively or passively. And here is something I wrote about secret societies: “If I live in the Gospel I have no use for damnable secret societies or for damnable empire because all my secrets and my power are in God where they are safe, not in my imperfect fellow-men (whom my secrets and my power would only overburden without some extraordinary grace which I must not ordinarily presume upon). The secret society fronts a false anthropology. The secret society showboats a hollow interpretation of the term “brotherhood.” The secret society, whatever its flowery platitudes, does of its very nature invite perversion and corruption. The secret society gets its energy from the demonically calculated relaxation of all morals and ideals and the slow, sickening rotting of the soul. The secret society is an overgrown clique in defiance of the universal. The secret society is a hyperdeveloped faction in contempt of the community. The secret society, at the very least, traps dirt in the soul and makes us freaky strangers to those who ought to be our brothers (i.e. everyone). The secret society claims to be charitable (“haughtily condescending” would be nearer the mark) but is ultimately the cruelest thing there is because, due to its Occult nature, it is the quintessential denial of the Incarnation. And yes, I am talking about the Knights of Columbus, because just because a secret society claims to belong to my Church (and by all accounts that’s the only noticeable difference between them and the Freemasons) does not make it okay but all the more worthy of your and my sharpest rebuke!”
There are plenty of reasons to be torqued at the Church, so there’s really no need not to stick to plain ol’ known reality. Don’t build on sand; build on that other material, whatever Jesus called it…

Priscilla Nelson Priscilla.Nelson@gmail.com
11:11 AM (8 hours ago)
to me
I’m not interested in bad-mouthing anyone. I’m interested in the truth.
Forget I brought it up, since it’s obviously not helpful to you to consider what is or is not going on in Rome. I’m personally unable to see what is so glorious about the RC church. Do what you wish. Merry Christmas.

John McGuire
12:53 PM (6 hours ago)
to Priscilla
“I’m not interested in bad-mouthing anyone…I’m personally unable to see what is so glorious about the RC church.” I know. I know. I have more which I anticipate will be enlightening, but the epistle must wait. God love you all!

Communication both intra- and interpersonal.

John McGuire
7:18 PM (10 minutes ago)
to Priscilla
Okay, it is well enough that we pause the dialogue: I want to explore what has hidden in plain sight long enough, and once you’ve this message carefully you can tell me if I’m just projecting or if we’re really making progress in a direction you’re itching deep down to go. (I’m fully aware that I’m probably going about this all wrong, but as G. K. Chesterton encourages, “Anything worth doing is worth doing badly.”)
Now it pains me to see anyone “wiggle out” so undignified like that, especially after (I naïvely thought) my showing them so many alternatives. (The Catholic Church’s members are all imperfect.) I hate to read how, as a last resort and in spite of all, you curtly vie to ensure that – flying in the face all the foregoing points made – I sound like the opinionated “bad guy” and you the heroic martyr (as your coreligionists have occasionally done as in the California “martyrdom” by the Jesuits you implicitly admitted was a fabrication); you make these unnatural contortions in a – believe me – truly vain attempt to force me into a position of covering myself even after I’ve set such a lush feast of verifiable facts without your even conceding one of them. You may have an appetite just for a certain kind of “information” as a child only wants certain foods, but it is your health that will suffer in the long-run. In the short-run I am hurt. But angry I is the last thing I am, because I seem to have a notion of what really afflicts you beneath your deceptively agile verbiage. So my best guess (based on what you’ve given me to work with) is this: you have a victim’s way of reading everything Catholic, and you are simply not emotionally ready to understand anything pope-related. So without wanting to put words in your mouth, I feel duty-bound to propose – truly for your health – that you consider coming out and saying (if only to yourself) that this is the case, that you have a habit of playing beyond your game then resenting the victor. And that is why I know it is not really your intention to be unfairly plaintive in your written expression, and I know this partially because, if you take my meaning, I’ve seriously been there.
Now you take this our dialogue as a case study. Even supposing your conclusions were correct, the fact remains that your your style, coupled with the kind of sources you reference, brutalizes the facts and forces one to imagine that the unbiased truth simply is not something on your radar screen (even though, paradox of paradoxes, having spent time with you in person, I know in the core of my being that it absolutely is!). This is doubly bittersweet (as I alluded to in one of my earlier responses) in the case of such a gifted person as yourself, but my sure hope is sky-high about the ultimate outcome. I have never believed in miracles as much as I do today. (I really haven’t.) And (again, if you take my meaning) I have so been there! And this brings me to probably what keeps you wanting to initiate communication with me: you and I have suffered some of the same emotional brutalizations. If we could find a space where it were appropriate, we should most likely just talk openly about those. That is totally your look-out.
Either way, I would like you to behold that it’s going to continue to hurt your proselytism with your current profile, though there truly are people you can reach even in the place where you presently. (Examples include that Protestant friend of yours.) But I think you want to be more, don’t you?
In our dialogue hitherto I have (I naïvely supposed) gone out of my way to be express on out where you are correct and where this dialogue has helped me to grow. In case I not make this sufficiently clear, it has helped me grow. But, like most people in this season, you seem to be putting yourself under undue Holy Day pressure and sound to be on your last nerve here, passively lashing out at me because, even though you cannot disagree with the premises of my argument, you are under so many layers of prejudice that you think nothing of denouncing the conclusions. On the one hand, this shows me how genuine your concern for my well-being is, and I won’t even try to express in an email how this fills me with warmth. But if the only guiding rule appears to be your own will (your “right to feel” if you will), if when you’re exhausted with too many facts you have already predetermined are “irrelevant” you your purpose and you must never integrate into your world-view, you leap over continents to the conclusion that I’m the same way, this makes (written) communication an ordeal at best from my end. In your defense, it’s good to have a focused purpose; that’s what living the Gospel is all about!
I draw a definite line between fact and fancy, God help me. That part of me won’t change (at least I hope it doesn’t), so if you had your hopes pinned on that happening then you are right to now “throw up your hands.” Only God do I allow to bypass my rational faculties, and this is something He does sparingly. But if you can yet state your case without wandering speculations – which is what I want you to do for both our sakes – this dialogue has real potential from my end. But either way, and whatever your present opinion of me, I would request that you please not insinuate I am acting by my own predetermined goals and then follow that so immediately with a “Merry Christmas.” Do not bury your prejudices under pleasantries. That is also unfair – to you mainly – and you generally give the impression that this is the sort of habit you may have cultivated for years hitherto, and I think that’s a significant part of the problem we’re having. (Or not.)
On a positive note, your honesty in these recent days is unprecedented. If you don’t mind my saying so, I’m glad to have given you a bit of a run for your mind. I am grateful for others who have done this to me. The progress in our communication is (in my view) palpable. But I shall not insist on continuing the dialogue if you are unwilling. The choice, then, is 100% yours. But if you’re too busy, I don’t think anyone holds that against you. I don’t.
Afterthought: you have a strongly developed intuitive, subconscious, subjective, emotive mind. This is important. But this is not all of the Gospel (not even of Saint John’s for my money), all of reality or all of you. You offer so much, yet ignoring those certain facts that don’t speak to your feelings does you less credit than you may believe, yet I’m telling myself that we’ve tapped into why you do it. Can you see how far this is from “Forget I brought it up”? I want so much for you to escape from your escapism: all the suffering and all the glory this metanoia has to offer.
I am not being generous but brutally sincere when I say that you are a wonderful person with much to teach me. A Happy Nativity Season to you and yours.

Chem Trails or Aerosol Radiation Part 2

Contribution of Working Group I to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, 2007

Solomon, S., D. Qin, M. Manning, Z. Chen, M. Marquis, K.B. Averyt, M. Tignor and H.L. Miller (eds.)

Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, United Kingdom and New York, NY, USA.

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Climate Change 2007: Working Group I: The Physical Science Basis

7.5.3 Effects of Aerosols and Clouds on Solar Radiation at the Earth’s Surface

By increasing aerosol and cloud optical depth, anthropogenic emissions of aerosols and their precursors contribute to a reduction of solar radiation at the surface. As such, worsening air quality contributes to regional aerosol effects. The partially conflicting observations on solar dimming/brightening are discussed in detail in Section 3.4 and Box 3.2. This section focuses on the possible contribution by aerosols. The decline in solar radiation from 1961 to 1990 affects the partitioning between direct and diffuse solar radiation: Liepert and Tegen (2002) concluded that over Germany, both aerosol absorption and scattering must have declined from 1975 to 1990 in order to explain the simultaneously weakened aerosol forcing and increased direct/diffuse solar radiation ratio. The direct/diffuse solar radiation ratio over the USA also increased from 1975 to 1990, likely due to increases in absorbing aerosols. Increasing aerosol optical depth associated with scattering aerosols alone in otherwise clear skies produces a larger fraction of diffuse radiation at the surface, which results in larger carbon assimilation into vegetation (and therefore greater transpiration) without a substantial reduction in the total surface solar radiation (Niyogi et al., 2004; Section

For the tropical Indian Ocean, Ramanathan et al. (2001) estimate an indirect aerosol effect of –5 W m–2 at TOA and –6 W m–2 at the surface. While the direct effect is negligible at TOA, its surface forcing amounts to –14 W m–2 as a consequence of large atmospheric absorption in this region. In South Asia, absorbing aerosols may have masked up to 50% of the surface warming due to the global increase in greenhouse gases (Ramanathan et al., 2005). Global climate model estimates of the mean decrease in surface shortwave radiation in response to all aerosol effects vary between –1.3 and –3.3 W m–2 (Figure 7.23). It is larger than the TOA radiation flux change because some aerosols like black carbon absorb solar radiation within the atmosphere (see also Jacobson, 2001; Lohmann and Feichter, 2001; Ramanathan et al., 2001; Liepert et al., 2004). As for the TOA net radiation, the decrease is largest over land, with values approaching –9 W m–2. Consistent with the above-mentioned regional studies, most models predict larger decreases over land than over the oceans.

Figure 7.23

Figure 7.23. Global mean change in net solar radiation at the surface due to the total anthropogenic aerosol effect (direct, semi-direct and indirect cloud albedo and lifetime effects) from pre-industrial times to the present day and its contribution over the NH and SH, over oceans and over land and the ratio over oceans/land. Red bars refer to anthropogenic sulphate (Easter et al., 2004; Ming et al., 2005+), blue bars to anthropogenic sulphate and organic carbon (Quaas et al., 2004; Rotstayn and Liu, 2005+), turquoise bars to anthropogenic sulphate and black and organic carbon (Menon and Del Genio, 2005; Takemura et al., 2005; Johns et al., 2006; Storelvmo et al., 2006), dark purple bars to anthropogenic sulphate and black and organic carbon effects on water and ice clouds (Jacobson, 2006; Lohmann and Diehl, 2006), teal bars refer to a combination of GCM and satellite results (LMDZ/ECHAM plus MODIS, Quaas et al., 2006), green bars refer to results from coupled atmosphere/mixed-layer ocean (MLO) experiments (Feichter et al., 2004: sulphate and black and organic carbon; Kristjansson et al., 2005: sulphate and black carbon; Rotstayn and Lohmann, 2002+: sulphate only) and olive bars to the mean from all simulations. Vertical black lines refer to ±1 standard deviation.

+ refers to estimates solely from the indirect effects

Government Geo-engineering and Weather Modification Chem trails or Aerosol, Radiation Part 1

Allot of people are looking for answers about this Crazy weather around the globe.  If you take a look at this info you may get the answers your looking for.   “Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.” —Albert Einstein

Text Copy: if you want full view with pics CLICK to go to this PDF

ARCPAC: Aerosol, Radiation,
and Cloud Processes
affecting Arctic Climate
Science and Implementation Plan


A Project of NOAA’s Climate Forcing and Air Quality

Programs for the International Polar Year 2008

June 200

ARCPAC: Aerosol, Radiation and Cloud Processes affecting Arctic Climate
A NOAA Climate Forcing Program Project for the International Polar Year 2008
I. Background
Global temperature records show a statistically significant warming in the last
century, with most of the change attributed to anthropogenically emitted greenhouse
gases and associated climate feedbacks (Fig. 1). Temperature increases in the Arctic
exceed the global annual average (Fig. 2), with maximum warming occurring in winter
and spring.
Closely linked to the observed and modeled warming is an observed decrease in
seasonal Arctic sea ice coverage and thickness. The minimum summertime extent of sea
ice is decreasing significantly (Fig. 3; Comiso, 2006), and this reduction now clearly
exceeds that expected from natural oceanographic and meteorological oscillations
(Johannessen et al., 2004; Francis and Hunter, 2006). Some models predict a fully icefree summertime Arctic Ocean (Winton, 2006), with attendant disruptions to Arctic
ecosystems, ocean circulation, and global climate. However, modeling of the Arctic
climate system is difficult due to complex and sensitive feedbacks (Serreze and Francis,
2006a,b) and many climate simulations struggle to replicate historical precipitation,
cloudiness, and sea ice properties (Walsh et al., 2002). Simulations of future climates
result in substantial model-to-model variability in Arctic climate parameters such as sea
ice extent and thickness, indicating that some important processes are not being
adequately described or simply are not included in the simulations (Winton, 2006).
Analyses of observations and recent climate simulations suggest that, in addition
to greenhouse gas-induced warming and feedbacks, Arctic warming may also be caused
by shorter-lived climate forcing agents. In particular, four processes have been
postulated to contribute significantly to observed atmospheric warming in the Arctic and
reductions in sea ice there. These processes include:
1) direct warming of the lower troposphere by the absorption of solar radiation and
IR emission by aerosol particles from anthropogenic and biomass burning sources
(e.g., Treffeisen, 2005; Ritter et al., 2005), 3
2) changes in snow melt due to deposition of soot (light-absorbing carbon) to the
surface in springtime (Hansen and Nazarenko, 2004; Flanner et al., 2007),
3) increases in IR emissivity of wintertime and springtime clouds in the Arctic due
to the effects of anthropogenic aerosol particles on cloud properties (Lubin and
Vogelmann, 2006; Garrett and Zhao, 2006), and
4) direct radiative effects of tropospheric ozone in the Arctic (Mickley et al., 1999;
Hansen et al., 2005).
During the International Polar Year of 2008, NOAA will engage in an airborne
field measurement campaign targeted at improving understanding of these four climaterelevant processes. This effort will be focused on direct measurements of properties and
processes that can be used to reduce uncertainty in radiation and climate models. The
measurements will be made in the Alaskan Arctic to closely coordinate with remotesensing and in situ observations planned for aircraft and ground sites in the vicinity of
Barrow, Alaska.
Figure 1. Global-average radiative forcing (RF) estimates and ranges in 2005 for
anthropogenic forcing agents, the typical geographical extent of these forcings, and the
level of scientific understanding, LOSU (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change,
2007). 4
Figure 2. Seasonally separated measured rate of change of 2-m atmospheric temperatures
from 70-90
N and the global mean change (horizontal line). From Shindell et al., 2006.
Figure 3. Monthly anomalies of the area of minimum extent of Arctic sea ice from 1978
to 2005. Thick line is 12-month running mean; thin straight line is least-squares linear
fit. From Serreze and Francis, 2006a, courtesy of National Snow and Ice Data Center,
Boulder, CO. 5
Climate processes in the Arctic
The Arctic undergoes significant annual changes in its energy budget which are
driven largely by the seasonal cycle in solar radiation, surface sensible energy fluxes, and
albedo. Surface energy fluxes are controlled in part by the presence and extent of a layer
of sea ice and surface snow that partially insulate the Arctic Ocean from the overlying
atmosphere in winter and spring. During summer the snow melts, and the sea ice retreats
in extent, thickness, and areal density, allowing significant sensible and latent energy
fluxes between the ocean and atmosphere. Snow on top of sea ice is prevalent throughout
the late fall, winter and spring, but is especially important radiatively during the
springtime months when it increases surface albedo and prevents the relatively dark,
underlying sea-ice from absorbing solar radiation as the sun begins to rise. Also driving
tropospheric energetics, and coupled with the sea ice annual cycle, are variations in lower
tropospheric clouds. These clouds warm the surface in the dark winter months by IR
absorption and re-emission, and cool the surface in the summertime by reflection of solar
When coupled with ocean circulations, atmospheric dynamics and meteorology,
sea ice physics and wind forcings on sea-ice movement, the climate system in the Arctic
is seen to be a dynamic and complex system with many potential nonlinear feedbacks
both within the Arctic and with the global climate system. These feedbacks will modify
the climate effects of the well-documented phenomenon of large-scale air pollution
within the northern polar regions, known as Arctic haze.
Arctic haze
Pilots and surface sites in the Arctic have long reported the annual occurrence of
visibility-reducing aerosol hazes in the Arctic in springtime. An extensive literature has
documented the chemical and optical characteristics of these hazes, and a climatology of
some key parameters extending more than 20 years has been developed for a few Arctic
sites (e.g., Quinn et al., 2007). The aerosol is composed predominantly of sulfate and sea
salt, with lesser contributions from nitrate, soot, soil and trace elements, and organic
compounds (e.g., Quinn et al., 2002). There is a pronounced seasonal cycle to both
intensive (e.g., type, size, composition) and extensive (e.g., mass loading, number 6
Figure 4. Time series of monthly averaged particulate nitrate and non-sea-salt sulfate
concentrations in μg S m
and μg N m
, respectively, for a) Barrow, Alaska and b) Alert,
Canada (from Quinn et al., 2007, data courtesy of the Canadian National Atmospheric
Chemistry (NAtChem) Database and Analysis System and NOAA PMEL
Figure 5. Monthly averaged a) light scattering and b) absorption at 550 nm by sub-10
micron aerosol at Barrow, Alaska (Mm
) and c) black carbon mass concentration (ng
) at Alert, Canada (from Quinn et al., 2007, data courtesy of NOAA GMD and the
Canadian National Atmospheric Chemistry (NAtChem) Database and Analysis System). 7
concentration) aerosol properties at surface sites throughout the Arctic (Figs. 4, 5).
During the time of maximum mass concentration—the late winter and early spring—
much of the aerosol is anthropogenic. There is some more limited evidence for a slightly
different seasonal cycle to Arctic haze properties aloft, with higher concentrations
occurring aloft later in the spring than at the surface (Scheuer et al., 2003). In addition,
aerosol layers associated with biomass burning sources have been observed in the Arctic
middle and upper troposphere in summer (Brock et al., 1989; Stohl, 2006).
By argument of isentropic transport, as well as more sophisticated analyses, the
dominant sources of the springtime surface aerosol maximum are seen to lie poleward of
the Arctic front (Fig. 6). On average, the largest contributions are believed to come from
northern Europe and the Russian Arctic, where large industrial complexes have long
operated (Sharma et al., 2006; Stohl, 2006). With declines in former Soviet Union
emissions, soot concentrations have fallen in the Arctic in springtime (e.g., Fig. 5, Quinn
et al., 2007). Because most industrial sources in North America lie southward of the
mean position of the Arctic front, and since advection from these sources to the Arctic
involves transport through the meteorologically active North Atlantic region,
Figure 6. Map showing mean positions of Arctic front in winter and summer, and main
transport pathways for pollution from the midlatitudes to the Arctic (Arctic Monitoring
and Assessment Programme, 2006). 8
North American sources are not believed to contribute more than occasionally to Arctic
haze (Stohl, 2006). Koch and Hansen (2005) suggest a significant contribution to
springtime Arctic soot loadings from industrialized regions of northeastern China, but
Stohl (2006) found this source region to be only a small contributor to the Arctic soot
II. Major uncertainties regarding atmospheric climate forcing in the Arctic
Model sensitivity studies indicate that, in addition to long-lived greenhouse gases
(LLGG), short-lived pollutants may play an important role in climate forcing in the
Arctic. However, despite more than 30 years of study of the sources and chemical
characteristics of Arctic haze, the climate-relevant properties of the aerosol are
inadequately characterized. As a consequence, climate models are not well constrained,
and major uncertainties remain in the magnitude of direct and indirect forcing by aerosols
in the Arctic and which anthropogenic sources contribute most to those forcings. As
noted previously, there are four primary processes not associated with LLGG that have
been identified as being possibly significant to Arctic climate.

Direct radiative forcing by aerosol particles
Direct radiative forcing refers to perturbations to the climate caused by the
interaction of aerosol particles with visible radiation. The direct radiative effects of
Arctic aerosols depend strongly on the single scatter albedo of the particles. Arctic haze
aerosol particles contain significant concentrations of carbon soot (Fig. 4), which is the
principal absorber of visible solar radiation, and which leads to a particle single scatter
ing albedo (ratio of scattered light to scattered and absorbed light) of ~0.94 (Delene and
Ogren, 2002). Quinn et al. (2007) calculated a net radiative heating of 1.6 W m
in an
Arctic haze layer, with a surface cooling of 0.9 W m
due to the presence of the
scattering and absorbing haze above the high-albedo surface. The haze layer was
calculated to warm by 0.25 K day
, which is consistent with other recently determined
heating rates of 0.1-0.5 K day
(Treffeissen et al., 2005). Heating of the surface by 9
infrared emission from the warmer atmosphere was not considered by Quinn et al., but
may compensate for some of the surface cooling (Ritter et al., 2005).
The infrared and dynamical consequences of atmospheric heating by an absorbing
aerosol will depend in part on the vertical distribution of the aerosol, which is poorly
characterized in the Arctic. Repeated vertical profiles during the NSF-sponsored TOPSE
project (Scheuer et al., 2002), and SAGE-II and -III satellite-based extinction
observations in the middle and upper Arctic troposphere (Treffeisen et al., 2006) suggest
that hazes aloft may be more prevalent later in the Arctic spring, while surface hazes may
dominate during winter and early spring. This shift in vertical structure may reflect a
shift in source region, with more southern sources at higher potential temperatures
contributing to the higher layers (Stohl, 2006). A seasonal change in removal processes
may also be a factor, as near-surface clouds and precipitation become more prevalent as
springtime progresses. As a consequence, the optical properties of the hazes may differ
both seasonally and with altitude.
The single scattering albedo of the Arctic haze aerosol has been reported from the
NOAA ESRL/GMD site at Barrow, Alaska since 1988 (Delene and Ogren, 2002; Quinn
et al., 2007). During the January-April peak haze season, monthly median single scatter
ing albedos ranged from 0.93 to 0.96, indicating a significant absorbing component to the
particles. However, these measurements were obtained at relative humidities <40%, and
do not reflect possible ambient enhancements in both scattering and absorption due to the
hygroscopic growth of particles under ambient conditions. Measurements of the
dependence of aerosol light scattering on relative humidity began at the NOAA Barrow
ground site in 2006 and will continue during and after the IPY. Aerosol measurements at
the NOAA Barrow observatory will be further enhanced in 2007 with the addition of
instruments for measuring the number concentration of cloud condensation nuclei as a
function of water supersaturation, and of the size distribution of particles in the range of
15-800 nm diameter.
The geographical source of the carbon soot that causes the observed optical
absorption is in question. Koch and Hansen (2005) used a general circulation model to
determine that industrial emissions and biofuel combustion in southern Asia are a major
source of soot to the Arctic. This finding has been disputed by Stohl (2006), who used a 10
particle dispersion and emission inventory model to identify Europe and northern Asia as
the main source of Arctic soot in springtime, both at the surface and aloft. There are only
a few Arctic sites at which regular measurements of aerosol absorption are made, with
those at the Barrow observatory (Quinn et al., 2007) and the Canadian Arctic site of Alert
(Sharma et al., 2004; 2005) having the longest records. To our knowledge there is no
information in the Arctic on the soot mass absorption cross-section (MAC, absorption per
unit mass of soot), which is necessary to relate modeled soot mass concentrations to
optical absorption. The state of understanding of the MAC is poor (Bond et al., 2006),
and new measurement techniques need to be applied to determine its mean value and
variability in the atmosphere.

Soot deposition to snow
Small reductions in the albedo of Arctic snow to solar radiation are calculated to
have globally significant climate effects (Fig. 1). Analysis of light absorbing material in
remote Arctic snow samples indicates that soot (light absorbing carbon) particles are
sufficient to reduce snow albedo by several percent (Warren and Wiscombe, 1980). A
recent global climate simulation of the atmospheric transport and deposition of soot to
Arctic snow was coupled with a detailed snow physics and radiation model (Flanner et
al., 2007). The perturbations to Arctic climate included shifting the peak in the snowmelt
season to almost a month earlier in springtime, limited primarily by available sunlight.
As a result of earlier snowmelt, the Arctic sea-ice underneath absorbed more solar
radiation and melted earlier, with resulting Arctic-wide temperature increases of >2 K.
As already noted for the case of direct radiative forcing by aerosols, the soot
budget in global chemical transport and climate models is poorly constrained (Bond et
al., 2004). The extreme stability of the Arctic lower troposphere further complicates the
linkage between soot mass concentrations in air and those in snow. Cloud nucleation/
precipitation scavenging is the primary mechanism that removes soot from the
atmosphere to the snow surface under the stable meteorological conditions prevalent
under the Arctic (Noone and Clarke, 1988). If soot is present in particles that are
effective ice nuclei (IN), it may be preferentially present in cloud ice particles. However,
measured concentrations of IN are a few to a few tens per liter of air, indicating that 11
incorporation of additional soot into snowfall by cloud droplet riming or aerosol
scavenging is necessary to achieve observed concentrations of soot in snow of tens to
hundreds of ppbm. These processes are dependent upon the phase of the cloud particles
(liquid water, ice, or a mixture of the two), details of the soot size distribution, and the
inclusion of the soot in cloud droplets or ice crystals during formation.

Indirect aerosol forcing
The aerosol indirect effect on clouds typically causes a cooling of the Earth’s
surface by increasing the reflection of visible solar radiation. The potential indirect effect
in the Arctic is especially large because of the significant cloud radiative couplings with
energetics and dynamics (e.g., Vavrus, 2004). Strong surface temperature inversions in
the Arctic persist throughout the diurnal cycle, producing a unique situation for cloud
radiative effects. When low clouds are warmer than the surface, then infrared radiation
from the clouds warms the surface. Measurements in the Arctic can therefore provide
significant tests of the infrared portion of the indirect effect.
Low-level boundary layer clouds are typical in the Arctic for all seasons [Curry et
al., 1996]. Despite the cold temperatures in the Arctic these clouds are typically mixedphase, even in winter and spring [Pinto, 1998; Intrieri et al., 2002]. The phase
distribution of condensed water is a fundamental microphysical property that affects the
radiative properties of Arctic clouds; detailed cloud-resolving model studies have shown
that by increasing IN number density by 2-3 times, a largely liquid stratus deck can be
transformed into a broken, optically-thin ice cloud system [Harrington et al., 1999; Jiang
et al., 2000; Harrington and Olsson, 2001]. The resulting ice cloud has a much lower
number density of particles; these sparse, relatively large ice crystals reduce the cloud
emissivity, which decreases the cloud’s warming potential, and settle relatively rapidly,
thereby initiating precipitation and reducing the lifetime of the cloud. Lynch et al. [1995]
found that including an IN parameterization increased precipitation by as much as 50%
and cooled the surface air temperature by up to 5
C over the baseline simulation without
ice microphysics. 12
Figure 7. Spectral emissivity from a radiative transfer calculation for an Arctic cloud
with constant liquid water content and variable effective radius (Lubin and Vogelmann,
Clouds in the springtime lower Arctic troposphere are often optically thin and
have low droplet number concentrations (<30 cm
, Garrett and Zhao, 2006). Arctic haze
has been shown to increase the number density of these supercooled liquid cloud droplets
and decrease the droplet effective radii, thereby increasing the cloud longwave emissivity
(Fig. 7, Lubin and Vogelmann, 2006). However, the Arctic haze may also contribute
more (or less) IN, increasing (decreasing) the rate of cloud glaciation, which reduces
(increases) cloud longwave emissivity. To unravel this complexity we must be able to
describe the relative fractions of CCN and IN in the aerosol population for a given water
vapor supersaturation; this ratio may vary significantly as it is sensitive to the distribution
and mixing state of the particle chemical composition, which is constantly evolving as the
aerosol population ages and interacts with fresh emissions, both in and out of cloud.
Processes governing ozone abundance
Depletion of ozone in the arctic boundary layer occurs when bromine compounds
are activated by sunlight in the spring. The duration and extent of these events may
change with a changing climate and provide a feedback to ozone radiative forcing (Fig.
8). A full study of ozone production and loss rates is beyond the scope of this study. 13
Instead, the focus will be to improve the understanding of halogen initiated
photochemistry that destroys ozone. Although these events have been regularly observed
(e.g. Ridley et al., 2003), uncertainties remain regarding the source of the halogen
radicals and their transport (Simpson et al., 2007). Furthermore, vertically resolved
measurements have not been achieved for most of the halogen species involved in spring
time arctic boundary layer catalytic ozone destruction. Fast response measurements of
halogen species will be used to determine their vertical distribution. These measurements
can then be compared with model results (e.g. Lehrer et al, 2004) to test the
understanding of ozone depletion events and their possible relationship to radiative
The combination of sea salt (Quinn et al, 2002) and conditions favorable to N2O5
formation (Tie et al, 2003) in the spring time arctic may make ClNO2, which can be
formed from reactions of N2O5 on chloride-containing aerosol particles, important to
polar boundary layer ozone. The specific halogen chemistry that we will examine
follows from the conversion of N2O5 to ClNO2. ClNO2 is photolyzed relatively rapidly
(0.5 to 1 hr lifetime), even under Arctic springtime conditions, to form NO2 and gasphase Cl atoms. This Cl is highly reactive towards VOCs and O3, forming either HCl or
ClO. The ClO radical reacts with HO2 producing HOCl, which is soluble and will be
taken up on aerosol particles and in droplets. Aqueous HOCl can further react with Cl

and Br

to produce the volatile compounds Cl2 and BrCl. BrCl can be photolyzed in the
gas phase, generating Cl and Br atoms, which cycle through the above chemistry again,
catalytically destroying ozone. The HOBr produced in the reaction of BrO with HO2 is
also soluble and will produce Br2 upon reaction with Br

. The species ClNO2, Cl2, BrCl,
Br2, and BrO, along with the extensive aerosol and O3 measurements that will be made
on the WP-3D, will give us the ability to assess the role of ClNO2 in initiating this ozone
destruction chemistry over a wide geographic area.
III. A NOAA-sponsored airborne campaign to investigate climate-relevant
atmospheric processes in the Arctic 14
Scientific questions to be addressed
NOAA will undertake a airborne field experiment, the Aerosol, Radiation, and
Cloud Processes affecting Arctic Climate (ARCPAC) in Alaska in late March and April
of 2008 to address the four major areas of non-greenhouse-gas atmospheric climate
Figure 8. Model predictions of annual mean net radiative forcing by tropospheric ozone
(Kiehl et al., 1999).
processes in the Arctic. A NOAA WP-3D aircraft will be used for this experiment and
will be based at Fairbanks, Alaska (Fig. 9). This experiment will be coordinated with the
POLARCAT activity of the IPY, with the NOAA baseline climate research station at
Barrow, Alaska, and with the intensive operations period executed at the DOE-sponsored
Atmospheric Radiation Measurement site adjacent to NOAA’s Barrow site. Specific
scientific questions to be addressed are listed below.
Q1: What are the chemical, optical, and microphysical characteristics of aerosols in
the Arctic in springtime?
• What is the solar extinction and absorption of the aerosol, and how do these
properties vary with relative humidity?
• What is the mass concentration and size distribution of soot?
• To what extent are soot particles coated with other materials, and do such coatings
influence the radiative and cloud-nucleating properties of the soot particles?
Figure 9. Map showing the area of operaton for ARCPAC. The WP-3D aircraft will be
based in Fairbanks, Alaska. The typical out-and-return range of the aircraft is shown by
the red circle.
• What is the contribution of organic material to the optical and chemical properties to
the aerosol?
• How do aerosol concentrations, composition, optical properties, and cloud nucleating
properties above the surface relate to values measured at the surface?
• What is the radiative forcing and resulting atmospheric heating rates due to the
aerosol, and how do these values compare with those derived from spaceborne lidar,
surface lidar, and surface aerosol measurements?
• How do the composition and hygroscopic properties of aerosols relate to chemical
processing estimated from trace gases?
Q2: What are the source types (industrial, urban, biomass/biofuel, dust, sea-salt) of
the aerosol components, and the absorbing components in particular?
• What are the correlations between aerosol components and trace gases?
• How does the composition of the aerosol and trace gases compare to that expected
from transport and emission models such as FLEXPART?
• Does the vertical distribution of aerosol properties reflect differences in source
region, transport, and removal?
• What are the major sources that contribute to atmospheric and surface soot during the
critical springtime warming period?
Q3: What are the microphysical and optical characteristics of optically thin clouds
in the lower Arctic troposphere in springtime, and do pollution particles affect these
cloud properties?
• What is the number density of CCN present in aerosol layers and in clean air, and is
there closure between the predicted CCN, from the observed aerosol composition and
size distribution?
• How does the number concentration of CCN, as a function of water supersaturation,
vary as a function of altitude?
• Is the cloud droplet number concentration in liquid clouds consistent with that
predicted from the observed CCN and cloud cooling rate?
• What is the relationship between measured IN concentrations and cloud ice number
concentrations and size?
• What are the measured solar reflectance and transmission, the IR radiance, and the
effective radius of Arctic clouds, and how do these values vary with CCN and IN
• How do directly measured and derived cloud properties compare with remotely
measured and derived parameters at the DOE ARM site?

Q4: What are the concentration of particles that serve as ice nuclei (IN) in
background and polluted air?
• What is the number density of IN present in aerosol layers and in clean air?
• What are the geographic sources of the IN in the Arctic?
Q5: Is soot present in particles that serve as IN and CCN?
• Is soot efficiently scavenged by cloud droplet nucleation, ice crystals, and snowfall?
• What role do coatings on soot particles play in nucleation scavenging and removal of
Q6: What halogen chemistry is occurring during Arctic spring?
• What is the distribution of gas phase chlorine and bromine compounds, especially
• What is the vertical distribution of sea-salt aerosol and what chemical processing has
it undergone?
• What is the relative importance of the sources of O3 in the Arctic and subArctic lower
troposphere in springtime (production vs. stratospheric vs. long-range transport)?
Measurement requirements

The six science questions lead to specific measurement requirements: 17
R1) The stratified nature of the Arctic lower stratosphere requires airborne and
remote-sensing measurements so that the properties and processes occurring in and
near radiatively important haze layers and stratiform clouds can be investigated.
R2) Because of the vertically stratified and spatially non-uniform distribution of
Arctic haze, fast-response in situ gas- and aerosol-phase instruments are required.
R3) The climatic importance of aerosol optical properties and soot number and
mass require accurate and fast-response measurements of these parameters, along
with measurements of the variation in optical properties with relative humidity.
R4) Because of the strong potential climate interaction between aerosols and cloud
microphysical and radiative properties, detailed cloud microphysical and visible
and infrared radiation measurements are needed. Modeling is essential to interpret
the aerosol, cloud and radiation observations and extrapolate them to climaterelevant scales.
R5) Improving understanding of halogen photochemistry in the Arctic requires
accurate measurement of gas phase halogen species and their vertical distribution,
as well as measurements of ozone and photolytic fluxes.
R6) Transport, chemistry, and climate models are needed to relate the observed
aerosol and gas-phase characteristics to sources and transport mechanisms and to
evaluate their importance.

R7) Because ground sites are essential for developing climatologies and for
understanding the temporal changes in atmospheric processes in the Arctic, short
term airborne studies should be made at locations and times that can be linked to
the surface sites.
Based on scientific questions Q1-Q6 and the measurement requirements R1-R7
that logically follow, NOAA will operate a WP-3D aircraft in the Alaskan Arctic in
spring of 2008 as part of the International Polar Year (IPY). NOAA’s Earth System
Research Laboratory (ESRL) and extramural colleagues have developed a powerful set of
precise and accurate gas- and particle-phase instruments for airborne investigations of air
quality and climate-relevant chemical and microphysical processes ranging in scale from
tens of meters to intercontinental distances. In particular, NOAA has developed new,
sensitive instruments for determining aerosol optical properties, including a cavity
ringdown method for directly measuring aerosol extinction at multiple wavelengths and
its variation with relative humidity. 18
ESRL scientists have also substantially modified, evaluated, tested, and operated
on aircraft a recently developed commercial instrument that measures the number and
mass of individual soot particles and that can determine the amount of condensed coating
on them. NOAA has also developed an unique instrument for measuring the composition
of single aerosol particles and the residue from evaporated cloud particles, and has
optimized a commercial aerosol mass spectrometer for airborne non-refractory aerosol
composition measurements. In addition, the NOAA Aircraft Operations Center has
recently purchased a set of state-of-the-art cloud probes for measuring the number, size,
and shape of cloud and precipitation particles. With the addition of well-tested gas-phase
and radiometric measurements, this payload is ideal for addressing the climate-relevant
scientific questions outlined above (Table 1).
The diverse objectives of the ARCPAC project cannot be met without the
experimental and scientific talents of non-NOAAcolleagues. In particular, measurements
of IN, CCN, bulk aerosol composition, solar spectral irradiance and infrared irradiance,
VOCs, and transport and chemical-transport modeling require equipment and expertise
from researchers from universities, other governmental laboratories, and international
research organizations.
Coordination with other IPY activities
The atmospheric measurement portion of the IPY is coordinated under the Polar
Study Using Aircraft, Remote Sensing, Surface Measurements and Models of Climate,
Chemistry, Aerosols, and Transport (POLARCAT) program (http://zardoz.nilu.no/
~andreas/POLARCAT/). This program links a large number of atmospheric
measurements ranging across the Eurasian, Canadian, and Alaskan Arctic together with
transport, chemistry, and climate models. A partner in POLARCAT is the Indirect and
Semi-Direct Aerosol Campaign (ISDAC) sponsored by the U. S. Department of Energy.
ISDAC is an intensive cloud and aerosol observing program that will be based at the
Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) site near Barrow, Alaska during April
2008, and which will involve detailed surface remote sensing and airborne measurements
of aerosol and cloud properties. Adjacent to the Barrow ARM site is the NOAA
ESRL/GMD baseline monitoring station. This site will operate a variety of instruments 19
Table 1. Priority instruments for the WP-3D aircraft during ARCPAC.
Parameter Method
Size-resolved non-refractory aerosol
Compact time-of-flight aerosol mass
Single particle black carbon Single particle soot photometer
Single particle composition Laser mass spectroscopy
Bulk particle composition Particle-in-liquid sampler, IC
Aerosol size distribution Multiple CPCs, OPCs
Aerosol extinction
(532, 1064 nm), f(RH)
Cavity ringdown
Filter-based aerosol absorption
(467, 530, 660 nm)
Particle soot absorption photometer
Cloud condensation nuclei concentration CCN counter
Liquid water content/Total water content Hot wire probes
Cloud particle size distribution (0.5-50 μm) Forward/back scattering-cloud and aerosol
Cloud particle size distribution (2-50 μm) Forward scattering-cloud droplet probe
Cloud particle size distribution (25-1550 μm),
Photodiode imaging-cloud imaging probe
Ice nuclei concentration IN chamber with detector
Soot incorporation into IN SP2 behind IN chamber in fuselage
Actinic fluxes (near 280-690 nm, ↑ and ↓) Spectral actinic flux radiometer
Spectral irradiance (300-1700 nm, ↑ and ↓) Solar spectral flux radiometer
IR irradiance (4.5-42 µm, ↑ and ↓) Pyrgeometers
Ozone (O3) NO chemiluminescence
NO, NO2, NOy O3 chemiluminescence
Carbon dioxide (CO2) Nondispersive IR
Carbon monoxide (CO) UV fluorescence
VOCs Whole-air sampler
SO2 UV fluorescence and chemical ionization
mass spectrometry (CIMS)
Peroxyacyl nitric anhydrides (PANs)
Halogens (ClNO2, Br2, Cl2, BrCl, BrO)
Direct effect instruments
Indirect effect instruments
Tracer and halogen chemistry instruments 20
for measuring aerosol scattering, absorption, size distribution, CCN concentration, and
composition. The intensive measurement campaigns planned for Barrow in April 2008
make this location a logical ground site with which to coordinate the WP-3D flights.
During the study period, the research vessel Knorr will be sponsored by the
NOAA Marine Operations Center as the primary platform for the International Chemistry
Experiment in the Arctic Lower Troposphere (ICEALOT) experiment
http://saga.pmel.noaa.gov/Field/icealot/. Measurements of aerosol optical, microphysical, cloud-activation and chemical properties, along with gas-phase, remote sensing,
and meteorological variables, will be made in the North Greenland and Barents Seas.
This region is one of the primary transport pathways from Europe to
the Arctic (Stohl et al., 2006), and measurements in this area will provide information on
the properties of relatively fresh anthropogenic pollution as it enters the Arctic. This
information can be contrasted with the airborne measurements of more aged Arctic
aerosols to improve understanding of transformation processes occurring during the
aerosol’s long lifetime in the Arctic.
During April of 2008 period, the NASA/University of North Dakota DC-8
aircraft, as well as remote-sensing airborne platforms, will operate as part of the Arctic
Research of the Composition of the Troposphere from Aircraft and Satellites (ARCTAS)
program. This airborne and satellite remote sensing mission will focus on aerosol
properties and ozone chemistry, and will be based at Kiruna, Sweden and Fairbanks,
Alaska during this springtime period. The NOAA WP-3D measurements of reactive
halogenated gas species will complement the more extensive DC-8 payload of HOx and
other species related to ozone production and loss rates.
Measurement location
Understanding of the context and representativeness of the WP-3D airborne
measurements will be improved by connecting the measurements with those made by
DOE and NOAA at their respective surface sites at Barrow, Alaska during the key
springtime transition season of April (Fig. 9). Fairbanks, Alaska is the best location near
Barrow for operating a large aircraft such as NOAA’s WP-3D. The WP-3D has the
appropriate range, endurance, altitude capability and payload for the investigations 21
outlined here. This aircraft is capable of operating safely in the demanding Arctic
environment while performing multiple vertical profiles, long-ranging horizontal
transects, and low-altitude sampling. With >8-hour endurance, a WP-3D can fly from
Fairbanks to Barrow and conduct more than 4 hours of research in the vicinity before
returning to Fairbanks (Fig. 9). The horizontal legs from Fairbanks to Barrow can
provide additional information regarding the latitudinal gradient in aerosol properties
across the mean position of the Arctic front.
Meteorology and modeling
The FLEXPART model will be used to identify specific regions of anthropogenic
pollutants, and, with newly developed polar-orbiting satellite capabilities, guide the
aircraft to regions likely to have aerosol-cloud interactions. The FLEXPART model
couples transport simulations using forecast or analyzed meteorological fields and
convective parameterizations with emission inventories to predict the locations and
concentrations of specific trace species (Stohl, 2006). Post-flight verification and
quantification of anthropogenic influence will utilize tracer species carbon monoxide
(CO), CO2, sulfur dioxide (SO2), and soot.
The FLEXPART model will also be used to diagnose specific source regions of
observed haze layers at different altitudes, and to estimate the length of time that air
parcels have been within the Arctic region. These “polar age” estimates can be compared
with hydrocarbon ratio measurements to improve understanding of transport and aging
processes within the Arctic.
In addition to transport modeling, diagnostic cloud models are being developed to
compare with the in situ and remote sensing observations of aerosol and cloud properties.
The specific model-measurement comparisons (Table 2) should permit a thorough
evaluation of the level of understanding of cloud droplet nucleation and growth, ice
formation, aerosol scavenging, and IR emission within the mixed-phase clouds expected
in the Arctic. The improvement in understanding of these key processes should lead to
better parameterizations for the global climate models that are required to diagnose
climate forcings and feedbacks between the atmosphere, sea ice, and ocean. 22
Table 2. Measurement and modeling comparisons.
Measurement Model
In situ particle composition/size distribution,
cloud condensation- and ice- nuclei spectra,
cloud particle concentration, phase, size
Parcel model of cloud formation, ice
nucleation and growth
In situ cloud dimension and up/downdraft
velocity, cloud particle concentration, phase,
size, solar and IR transmission/emission
Large eddy simulation (LES) with
coupled cloud dynamics, microphysics,
radiation in 3D Eulerian framework
Surface-based remote sensing measurements
of cloud dynamics, phase, precipitation,
radiative characteristics, particle size, phase
LES with coupled cloud dynamics,
microphysics, radiation in 3D Eulerian
In-situ particle composition/size distribution
near and below cloud.
LES with in- and below-cloud aerosol
scavenging added
Surface measurements of soot concentration
in newly fallen snow
LES with in- and below-cloud aerosol
Gas phase chlorine compounds, sea salt
aerosol chemistry, actinic fluxes
Parcel model with heterogeneous
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The U.S. government routinely conducts experiments on weather modification
by Chris Handy
Global Research, October 21, 2007
Daily Texan, University of Texas via U Wire – 2007-07-30
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The U.S. government routinely conducts experiments on weather modification, and has been doing so for at least half a century. Previously classified under such names as “Project Cirrus” (1947) and “Project Popeye” (1966), weather modification is no longer a secret practice. In fact, a bill (S517) was sponsored in 2005 by Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson, a Republican, “to establish the Weather Modification Operations and Research Board, and for other purposes.” This bill did not become law. Yet, there is reason to believe that various government institutions are carrying out numerous legal and illegal weather experiments without informing the public.

This isn’t just a suspicion of the United States. The Chinese government announced in April the creation of the first-ever artificial snowfall over the city of Nagqu in Tibet. The event was only one in a series of Chinese weather modification experiments that have been going on for years. China, in fact, now conducts more cloud seeding projects than any other nation.

Cloud seeding through the use of silver iodide was discovered as a viable way to make rain clouds in 1946. In 1947, the U.S. military attempted to use this method to seed a hurricane, which later hit the Georgia coast near Savannah. In the mid-1960s, similar techniques were used in hopes of muddying the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Vietnam. The idea was to slow enemy troop movements through the introduction of inclement weather, and conversely to prevent foul weather over allies.

But cloud seeding with silver iodide is an archaic technique compared with newer advances in nanotechnology and other methods for weather monitoring and control. Microelectric Mechanical Sensors (MEMS) and the newer Global Environmental MEMS Sensors (GEMS), are extremely tiny machines used to monitor weather patterns.

No larger than dust particles, the sensors are designed to be sent up inside hurricanes and other weather systems in large numbers, reporting back data as they literally become a part of those systems. This data can later be used to improve weather forecasting and potentially control the weather through a better understanding of the complex mathematics involved in such systems. One goal is to “steer” these systems, sending them to specific targets and increasing or decreasing their size.

Another extremely controversial participant in the weather modification game is the infamous HAARP antenna grid in Gakona, Alaska. HAARP, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, is an enormous array of antennas inspired by the free energy experiments of 19th-century electrical playboy Nikola Tesla. Commencing sometime around 1990, HAARP was only recently declassified, and much of the current research there is said to take place in secret.

HAARP fires massive amounts of energy into the ionosphere, heating and distorting a section up to 30 miles in diameter. There are various strange and frightening claims made about the project. It may be capable of shifting the position of the jetstream, which could impact global weather in ways that we still do not understand well. Other claims about HAARP, such as that it is part of a massive government mind-control operation or that it forms the main component of a giant death ray, are difficult to verify. But these theories are not as implausible as one might think.

Even in the face of mountains of evidence, many people still believe that weather modification of any kind is only a fantasy. People must be aware that these technologies have been around for a long time, are indeed being used and have great potential for dangerous and unethical uses. Our planet’s weather is part of a single interconnected system and any change to it, whether natural or not, affects every other element of that system. The organizations most interested in modifying this system appear to be applying their theories in incredibly irresponsible ways.

Global Research Articles by Chris Handy
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