Taste vs. Addiction

Part of growing up (you hope) means acquiring the fine-tuned discernment you need to know the difference between taste and addiction, between art and entertainment, between spiritual and carnal, between drive and impulse, between good and nice, between religion and cult of human personality, between life-giving and sense-satisfying. A few examples follow.

Usually you know the difference by the effect and the tree by the fruits:
– Silicone-filled white pizza dough that leaves you wanting more is chemically addictive whereas a fresh, healthy, balanced meal that leaves you satisfied is healthily tasty.
– Music that is loud and used as an escape from silence that leaves you empty is entertainment whereas music that lets you savor the silence after it is art.
– True love is spiritual; two people using each other for higher social standing is carnal.
– Making a change on principle is drive; making a change out of anger is impulse.
– Etc.

A lot of slavery is because we are content to live in addiction rather than seeking the higher things of taste. So often, we teach our children to pursue nobler things but we don’t keep a slice of our advice. Give a “piece” a chance today.

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