The Freedom of Assembly Extends to Secret Societies

In my post “What Is Wrong with Secret Societies” I say, “[T]he most helpful legwork to oppose secret societies without drinking the same poison is to avoid and denounce opacity and cliques in everyday life, in business, in politics; then you’ll be ready when the freaky battles come! Live in the light of day in the real world, commonly, uprightly, have no secrets and nothing to hide. Justice is contagious, at least it is when you’re dealing with living humans.”

In my post “The Order of the Mexican Jumping Bean: Before You Click “Play”…” I say, “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. The élites appear to want us to be obsessed with their obscure inner workings, to make imbalanced, unsound, insecure, stress-driven slaves out of us. And the vast majority of these conspiracy videos, which can never source their stories straightforwardly, seem to be produced by idiots who do their bidding.”

The true U.S. patriot knows that whenever anyone’s rights are violated, everyone’s rights are endangered. Such a one fiercely resists all attempts to edit the Constitution in a way that undermines the rights and freedoms of others. He does all that is possible to ensure that the Constitution will never be amended or interpreted to endorse any kind of discrimination.*

Puritanical witch hunts always end in spiritual disaster because we are not authorized to fight spiritual powers via temporal (e.g. legislative, martial) means. The United States Constitution protects the Freedom of Assembly for all religions, cults and covens. This includes Freemasons, the Ku Klux Klan, the Boy Scouts of America, the Knights of Columbus, the Bohemian Club and yes, the (probably) non-existent Order of the Mexican Jumping Bean. For a Catholic-turned-Orthodox (partly over the secret society issue but totally by God’s grace), this is an easy concept to grasp because we are at home with mystery as was the early Church. We are called to be the Light of the World, and that is how darkness is banished, not by cursing it. This is the Gospel way. Fire and brimstone not so much. Not by our hands or our invocation. If we deny the Freedom of Assembly to Occultists, we deny it to Christians. If we deny it to secret societies, we deny it to families. We must steer clear of any legislation or other action to prevent such meetings. We must engage eagerly in every legitimate effort to expose such workings for what they are so their public relations people don’t keep succeeding in passing them off as merely “charitable”/“philanthropic” organizations!

* Paragraph adapted from Steve Davis’s “About Steve” section of his “Info” page.

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