Localist Manifesto?

You may or may not have heard the term localism.

Localism is generally understood in contrast with centralism, its opposite; it is a practical byword for common sense, the philosophy of M.Y.O.B. (mind your own business), a notion whose apprehension hinges on honesty and which criminal, dominance-obsessed regimes such as ours mostly fails to comprehend.

(Some middle class élite I have met, whose hearts are in the right place but just haven’t yet managed to see all men as their brothers, predominately prefer fancy words we [and they] can’t understand like subsidiarity and distributism, but both words amount to the same as localism. [The élite have grasped the value of locally grown food. Don’t let us forget it.])

Localism is how the common man makes himself independent of the élite and interdependent with his peers.

And I think it sums up what we’re about in the Anti New World Order Party.

It’s simple.

Localism only wants one thing to be big and powerful: the family.

We’ve talked a lot lately about how the Anti New World Order Party eschews secret societies but also refuses to persecute, prosecute or infiltrate them in any way.

This is because our focus is in letting all men retain their innate freedom to say and do anything and everything that is not in itself directly, objectively destructive or harmful.

Freedom makes room in the human spirit for creativity, and creativity produces local prosperity.

There is no perfect system, but we believe that upstanding, spirited men and modest, nurturing women who appreciate, pursue and embody truth, goodness and beauty can, have and will make the world better.

We love light and abominate darkness.

We love the Incarnation and loathe the Occult.

We love peace and detest violence.

We love freedom and despise oppression.

But note: these are no contrived planks but God-given, intuitive, organic, common-sense, unconscious, instinctual positions that every natural man gladly takes up as soon as he is conscious of them, and I am sure that, deep down, all hold them.

Therefore, the only question left is: How far are we all willing to go in living them?

(I think what I’m saying is this: localism is just another word for love!)

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