I have not seen anyone in the main stream News ask the question?  Could Andrew Breitbart have been killed or murdered for something he knew or was about to release Video information,  Someone did not want him to get out to the public to see!  We will know more info after the official  autopsy is done till then this is all just speculation!  

The question is who would want Andrew dead who stands to gain from his death!  As a political activist the list of names would be a long one!  I would start the top of the list with the Illuminati NWO gang!  I’m sure you can guess who I’m talking about without saying his name!  Because if I do I will get my door kicked in tonight and also die of so called Natural causes like a boot to the head!

For his effort in being a Patriot maybe not the best Anti NWO Guy but an American who stepped out in faith to fight for what he believed in we will put Andrew on the Anti New World Order Party Wall of Fame!


Andrew Breitbart, the US conservative author and activist known for publishing embarrassing sting videos of left-wing groups, has died, aged 43.

He helped launch the Huffington Post and was an editor on the Drudge Report website before running his own sites, including Big Journalism.

His website’s editor-in-chief confirmed his death of “natural causes”.

Breitbart reportedly collapsed when walking near his house, according to the Associated Press.

Update to this story it turns out that Breitbart recently had ‘dinner’ with Bill Ayers and two weeks ago Breitbart announced he had video tapes that will embarrass Obama… Obama and Ayers have a relationship and Ayers has a history of trying to kill people. Do the math.


Real life

Watch Andrew Breitbart’s Final TV Appearance On Piers Morgan Tonight

On Tuesday night, Andrew Breitbart made what would be his final TV appearance, speaking with CNN’s Piers Morgan about the results of the Michigan primary and what it meant for the 2012 GOP race moving forward. Morgan had joked with Breitbart that he was looking sharply dressed for his program.

“You’ve got this whole new smart image for me!” Morgan exclaimed.

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“Cleaned up and got my aerodynamic fashion for you!” Breitbart joked.

Breitbart, who passed away at age 43 Thursday morning in Los Angeles, observed that the GOP race was still in flux and in his final televised opinion, spoke about what was in store for Super Tuesday.

“What I find interesting about next week, there is the possibility of a brokered convention based upon what we’re finding,” Breitbart noted.

Watch Breitbart’s final appearance below via CNN:




Update to this story: Breitbart recently had ‘dinner’ with Bill Ayers and two weeks ago Breitbart announced he had video tapes that will embarrass Obama… Obama and Ayers have a relationship and Ayers has a history of trying to kill people. Do the math.

“Breitbart had dinner with Ayers and Dorhn three weeks ago at the couple’s Hyde Park residence on Chicago’s South Side, which is near Obama’s home. Breitbart was invited by Daily Caller Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson, who won an Internet auction for a dinner party with the couple.”  Michael Savage

Source(s): http://teapartyhandbook.blogspot.com/

24 thoughts on “Was Andrew Breitbart, an US conservative author and activist Murdered?

    • I think most people think the same thing if they know the details of this story! I will not say 100% yes but I’m about 90% sure it is not that crazy to think it could have happened!

      • I am so distraught over this, I have the friggin runs.
        I am not crazy, and rarely ever a conspiracy oriented person. This is murder- I am sorry, I just dont believe anything else–he has TAPES of the slob occupying the W.H.–TAPES.

        God help us.
        My brother, Breitbart was a Jew, you know ? 😦

        • To tell the truth I have no idea if he was a Jew or not. We do not care if he was a Jew or not if he was killed its bad all the way around. All people have human goodness Jew or not Jew!

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    • Its to fast to rule out foul play! The truth will come out one way or the other! We must demand justice if this info comes out!

  2. Well, it always hurts me when a GOOD Jew dies.
    We are left with a bunch of Stalinists.

    God Bless Andrew-this has made me so sick today, I cant stand it

  3. Breitbart’s not dead. Faking it to keep from losing his house to Shirley Sherrod.

    Believe nothing until they release the long form death certificate. Look for the layers!

  4. His last interview was yesterday at 5 PM with Joe Arpayo — where they discussed the press conference today where Arpayo showed evidence that obama’s documents are forged.

  5. Funny how it could take weeks or even months to find the cause of Houston’s death, but Breitbart’s is ruled by natural causes right away!

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