Forbidden Knowledge – History of the Khazar Empire [Lecture by Jack Otto]

  • @SepherZion

    This so called Jewish people who occupy Israel today are Assyrians according to the holy Scriptures, read Isaiah 14: 25. They are the very ones the Messiah will destroy at Armagedon. See also Isaiah 29: 1-4; Micah 5 etc. I am sure this Khazar name is a smart detour by the Assyrians (Present Israel) who may have created it just so they can disprove it, but this man’s account is true. Assyria is in the Turkish zone.

    I have learned not to beleive anything written on the internet.

    saeguy22 1 week ago 14 

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  • man i should be studying but i keep watching this stuff

    justletuslive 1 week ago 5 

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  • @kuhmilo The use of the word “pagan” is anachronistic. The medieval ages ended about 600 years ago man. Christianity is a death cult. Alone the idea that someone must (the sacrificial lamb) so that the rest can be free is quite fascistic. I’m glad that I am free of the venom thriving in the mind of an extremist like u. I’m going 2 fry in hell now, right? Only reason I posted anything here is because I’m interested in the historical background of the Khazar empire. Don’t care 4 twisted dogmas.

    ArnoulfDeMetz 7 hours ago

  • @ArnoulfDeMetz

    I bet you believe that when those who knows the truth stands up to your paganistic mindset then they are emotional. You are a heathen this is what everything you have written sums up to.

    kuhmilo 9 hours ago

  • @kuhmilo This surely provoked an emotional response in you. I in no way subscribe to the extreme eschatological views of those who have created a pernicious cult around the visions in the book of Revelations. There never was a personage called Jesus Christ. Jesus (Yeshua) was a very common Hebraic name. Christ (xristós) was merely a title in old Greek. Don’t know why people in this “anti-christ” cult are so keen on bringing on chaos & destruction. My interest was the accuracy of this guy’s data.

    ArnoulfDeMetz 18 hours ago

  • @ArnoulfDeMetz

    This man hit the nail on the head in all his narrative. I Salute him. If only you will shut up and listen, plus also read some of the valuable comments, you will understand that whether or not there was a Turkey of old, God said these self made Jews in his holy Mountain Israel are Assyrians. Assyria is in present Turkey. The one called “the antiChrist” will come from these Assyrian Zionists and God will so whip their ass and will use the ones they hate to do it.

    kuhmilo 22 hours ago

  • This guy is an embarrassing joke. God deliver us!

    ArnoulfDeMetz 1 day ago

  • This guy just simplified about 1000 years of history jumping from the origin of Ashkenazi Jews to Anshelm Meyer (Rotschild). Wow, what an amateur historian.

    ArnoulfDeMetz 1 day ago

  • Some of this guy’s data is correct, lots of it is BS though.

    ArnoulfDeMetz 1 day ago

  • The Turkic conquest of Asia Minor began as of 1071, so calling that region “Turkey” before that is ludicrous. Furthermore, the Khazar political entity was a multi-etchnic confederation comprising of Turkic, Finno-Ugric, and Indo-European (Germanic, Slavic) peoples.

    ArnoulfDeMetz 1 day ago

  • There was no Turkey in 500 AD.

    ArnoulfDeMetz 1 day ago

  • @DivinelyMochaDipped listen to the speech on youtube called “a jewish defector warns america” This is from 1967 when benjamin freedman revealed the whole plot. I never heard about it before, but when I researched the matter further – I discovered that this is absolutely true.

    thewhisperingeagle 2 days ago in playlist Zionism

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