Post by: Daniel J Leach
It seems that many people are taking to the streets for mob rules Justice!  I am just afraid that if they do not get what they want that these people will turn violent and will spark a bloody Race War on the streets of America.  In a time when tensions are already high because of the bad economy and so many people out of work.  Having nothing better to do they may choose to join in on a flash mob mentality!  Many more people will be hurt and go to jail because of a senseless death of a young man who may have been acting like a young punk and got himself shot dead!  All I know is that people do not just kill you because you are a nice guy!   Sure the shooter may have had a trigger finger and shot this kid but I’m sure he was not looking to kill anyone that day! 
Black Panthers should be charged with Conspiracy To Commit Murder ! $10,000 Reward ?Just you all remember, The actions of 1 man do not reflect the feelings of the many. Most people are not prejudice. those who buy into racism are in fact racists them selves. Where is the UNITY in America? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJddw7TDZeM

FRIDAY, MARCH 23, 2012

The Travon Martin Syndrome – Fear • Intro To Predictive Programming & Psychological Warfare Targeting Black Men • DV University • Spring 2012

DV Jr.
(Yelling from the front door as he walks out)
Hey Mom! Hey Mom! 
(in kitchen making food and on the phone)
Yes Jr.?
I’ll be back.  
(as she tells the person on the phone she will call her back)
Where are you going?
To play some basketball
Mom. (pause)
At Kyle’s house.
(with trepidation)
By yourself?
No.  With Kyle.
I mean are you going by yourself? Is your brother going with you?
No.  He’s doing something on the computer.  I’ll be right back.
I don’t know if you should go by yourself.
Why not? I go all the time.  (pause) He lives … like 3 doors down.
I know … it’s just that …

Denmark Vesey said …
My wife, like many black Black Mothers, lost a son last week.

When Travon Martin was gunned down a flash of their worst nightmare sparked a painful fire of fear and dread which burned deeply in their souls.  Fueled by Facebook and 24 hour news Travon’s death was as real tangible and close to home as if they had breast fed him as a child.

When faced with fear, mothers do what mothers do.  They try to protect.  They try to prevent.  They worry. They warn.

But fear is the cousin of death.  Communicating to young men that their lives are perilous, fragile, or in constant jeopardy, can kill the spirit of a boy just as much as a bullet through the heart can kill his body.

A father’s instinct is to want his son to feel the world is his.   I can’t let him grow up peeping around corners scared of a George Zimmerman.

Dad (interrupting)
Hey man! Go ahead and play some ball dude.  Work on that left hand.  We’ll see you when you get home.
Dad (to Mrs. DV)
don’t worry baby. He’ll be alright.


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Uganda? ‘Invisible Children’ Needs To Save The Kids of Florida

RJEsq said…

 I saw this.Have a question. What would the counter or true agenda be? Am familiar with the notion that folks should have a healthy skepticism for campaigns for “justice” in the media. But in this situation, what would the true agenda be in pushing this issue?

Denmark Vesey said …

Hey RJ,

Interesting question.

I see it a bit differently.

KONY 2012 was a “pushed” meme.

ZIMMERMAN 2012 is a “pulled” meme.

KONY 2012 was designed to illicit a particular reaction from a group of people.  It was pushed because it fits the globalist agenda of raping Africa via “Humanitarian wars” and “Humanitarian vaccines”.

Its goal is to trick the peasantry into “demanding” intervention (liberal word for invasion).

ZIMMERMAN 2012 is being “pulled” via social media.  Fueled by Black outrage this meme exploded to become the cause du jour.  Half the cats on Facebook have already changed their profile pictures to that of young Travon Martin.

Its goal? To serve as proof white people still have power in this country and perpetuating the perception that being a black man is inherently dangerous and a disadvantage.

Yes.  Zimmerman 2012 affirms the Plantation Negro mantra: The Global System of White Supremacy.

The Plantation drove the KONY meme.

The occupants of the Plantation drive the ZIMMERMAN  meme.

Why? Because many Black people perceive danger from white people to be a more grave threat than danger from other Black people.

Evidence of that: Were Travon Martin shot by Quintavious Booker … none of us would have ever heard of him.

For every Travon Martin shot by a “George Zimmerman” … 20 or 30 will be shot by a JaMarcus Johnson. (Shout out to Undercover Blackman).

For every Travon Martin shot by a George Zimmerman … 200 to 300 Travon Martins will be killed by the food they put into their own mouths.   (Shout out to Denmark Vesey).

I have no problem with outrage directed towards Zimmerman.  I will be particularly impressed if something is done with that outrage other then a collective Negro head shake, despair and hollow demands “dat duh Guvament doo Summin!”

I will be more impressed with outrage and demands to do something about the “JaMarcus Johnson’s” who kill multiple Travon Martin’s everyday.

I will be even more impressed with outrage at ourselves for feeding ourselves food GUARANTEED to give us diabetes and to kill us.

That’s a meme that we should really blow up via social media.

Hell.  That’s the meme I’ve been pushing since ’07.  Hustle Hard.

8 thoughts on “Will the death of Travon Martin spark a Race War in America

  1. Im Sorry about the way you took my blog about Travon Martin’s death the wrong way! My point was that the black man doesn’t need another race to destroy it they are doing a good job in killing themselves with a Flashmob like Mentality. Its not a smart thing for people who want change to turn to the government for change, Just look at world history of government and you will see how “People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both. … He who gives up freedom for safety deserves neither.” Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. Benjamin Franklin (sometimes Thomas Jefferson) What people need to do is to turn to God and repent as a Nation from our sins! Forgiveness not revenge like the Black Panther Party who is willing to give $10,000 for the location of the shooter!
    Also I do not want a Race War we are already in a race war a race to the bottom as a nation a race to destruction because we as a nation have turned our backs on Gods Laws! By the way I am a Native American in my blood! My Mother and Grandparents live on a reservation AKA the original American Concentration Camp! So do not tell me this junk! (((( “You seem to be a person who would welcome the mass destruction of black people. Making pathological comments like race war sends the message that you would appreciate one. You hate us that much that you wish to see mass destruction of us by police militia?”)))) sitesavemoneybiz

  2. is there not a lot of white people who have lived and worked with all races to get all of us as one people so why is it that all white are to blam that is how you turn people against each other i grew up and tried to get along with everyone and did not care what you looked like and there are bad cops but ther are a lot of good ones to why not help and stop the hate pushing sounds like your justice is the right way it all comes out in the end if he was wrong take him out and kill him not jail

    • The problem is not with people taking to the streets to exercise their right to protest, it is with the court systems in our nation that have one set of rules for us, and another set of rules for them. If you have not spent a day in court and watched what goes on, then I would suggest you do so.

      • I disagree I am white and got treated like shit by the court system because I am poor. Justice is for sale in America! It just happens to be that the majority of Black People aren’t rich either. It is no longer a color thing in America unless the color is green. I do agree with the statements about the Flash Mob mentality. I live in Philadelphia, Pa and have been assaulted twice by Flash Mobs, which were 100% Black, calling me Cracker, White MF’er, Honky, ect … while they yelled for the others to kill me! I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s and saw the results of racism first hand where I live in Philly, only difference then it was the White People who were the racists. I want to know what is the difference? How can a Black Teenager have so much hate toward a White Person considering that they have not had to deal with the crap that their parents, grand parents, etc … had to deal with. Besides don’t they realize that some of White People aren’t racists, have never been racists and have family histories dating back to before America was America and fought and died for their freedom????

  3. I am a black man born in the US in my late fifties. I agree with Charles Lucier… and would like to add that I feel very strongly that rioting would not accomplish much more than destroying whatever advantage we may have in advancing the growth of American attitudes toward an emotional and informed maturity about races and cultures overall. I am incensed that there is more focus on the so called “self-defense” issue of the incident than the fact that Mr. Zimmerman was told by police dispatch to stop following Travon. I was an active member of a citizen’s patrol organization in conjunction with our local police. We were constantly instructed NOT to interact or involve ourselves with any perpetrators. If Mr. Zimmerman had followed the dispatcher’s instruction, Travon Martin would likely be alive today and Mr. Zimmerman would not be embroiled in the middle of a racially volatile murder case.

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