By:Daniel J Leach

“Nothing Happens That Hasn’t Been Planned ” Franklin Roosevelt

Decentralized money, does not mean its out of government control. What we need free market money, where the market sets the values and picks what the currency. The reason why gold and silver are the best is they follow the Principle of Sound Money (google it). Banks should be ran like any other business. They are free to enter without the control of the government. This means less regulations and more freedom.

All the fiat and T-bills are going to come back to the U.S and European Union. Economy going to implode hardcore, the ‘West’ is going to fight this as hard as possible, they will not accept it until they are forced to realize their defeat.

RON PAUL was RIGHT! This CAN be good for the US because MAYBE this will wake the American people up and stop them from watching the BOOB TUBE!  So the question is who makes up the new fiat paper money and then collects the interest on it. Same crap different mob.  Its called the IMF.

I see a future where the US plus the Europeans on one side and the BRICS on the other side engaging in a non ending economic cold war that may turn into indirect military confrontations using proxy countries like Syria, Iran, Israel and others. The rest of the world will create a non aligned economic and political movement. You are dreaming if you think the US will ultimately go down. They will always create a situation where they will come on top.

What I have detected, in the Video are mis-leading in this report. In saying World Bank & IMF has outlived its “USEFUL”ness and a New World BRICs Bank, is deceptive, because what they don’t explicitly say, is that the Federal Reserve Bank, will have to bail out any of those BRIC bank “loans” [that never get paid back] with USA denominated dollars. So the USA taxpayer will still be on the hook. WE MUST get back to silver and gold, and close the Federal Reserve Bank.

The fact that these countries are now talking about and getting ready to leave the US Dollar and it’s crooked IMF behind is now showing that these people have both guts and brains. The American people could learn valuable lessons from them regarding how to get an allegedly crooked president and monetary banking system out of their country and out or their lives.

This is the best news and the first true sign of hope I’ve seen in ions.

stbartels12 in reply to DoppelplusDeldenk (Show the comment) 5 hours ago

It’s a done deal! Wonder when the gov’t is going to let everyone know they just lost their power!!

BYE BYE DOLLAR IT WAS FUN ! USA dollar NO LONGER world reserve currency! 

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    Its a done deal! United States dollar No Longer world reserve currency!
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    “Nothing Happens That Hasn’t Been Planned “ Franklin Roosevelt

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