• (((Meet UP)))AntiNWOParty (((Meet-UP))) Broadcast Live for those who cant make it out but would still like to attend the Meetup. http://www.blogtv.com/People/AntiNWOPartyHow to find us: http://AntiNewWorldOrderParty.Wordpress.com/

    Anti New World Order Party, Hope For Rochester Ministry, Campaign For Liberty and We Are Change Rochester along with the Rochester Tea Party organizations will be Networking

    Illuminati – Christianity – Prophecy – Islam & The New World Order

    All of these things have affected or are affecting life in America and her place in history. America was the greatest nation to ever rise on the face of the earth. It was no accident that America came to be, or the time period in which she did. We hope that this Meet-Up, and our Q&A panels will shed some light on these subjects, and help you to see America’s role in past, present and future history.

    Admission is Free! Donations are welcome, but in no way requried.

    Doors open at 2:30 PM, Meet-up starts at 3:15 PM. Come early and visit the tables of some of our sponsors as they share information about their ministries.

    “Anti New World Order Party, in solidarity with the CampaignforLibertyToday.com and We Are Change Rochester want our leaders to be our servants. The “New World Order” is, by all the evidence, ruling our country in defiance of the United States Constitution!”

    Mission: to recruit, educate and motivate American citizens at the grassroots level to perform their constitutionally definded role in the governance , by providing opportunities, knowledge and training to ensure limited constitutional governance.

 Please RSVP


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