English: Map of Lake Ontario. Category:Michiga...

English: Map of Lake Ontario. Category:Michigan maps (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Recently I was talking with two different sources that will remain anonymous to protect the identification from possible government prosecution about Underground area 51 sites around the world.  I was told that Lake Ontario had one from Co-worker who was an ex Marine who was a Military Police who protected that base.  It was said that if threat of Nuclear War ever broke out that this is one the place that the US president would go.  He said that the area is protected by the US Coast Guard and US Military.


The second source is a friends mother who dated a high up government official who bragged to her about this secret underwater military base, under Lake Ontario that he was aware of,  He said that if anything was to happen during the Cold war with the Russians   like a Nuclear War was to go hot that he and his family would be protected from nuclear fall out at that underwater base!


Now I have no first hand knowledge of this underwater base only hearsay, but I have no reason to believe that these two people would have any reason to lie to me or about this place.  Neither of these people knew of each other and about talking to me about this underwater base.  So I have done some of my own research into this topic and have given my research results on this blog post.  Happy hunting!  If you have any evidence or knowledge of this please feel free to contact me about this and we can add your info to this post!


This section copied from http://fierycelt.tripod.com/CdrX.html


According to Malcolm Williams, researcher for the Northeastern UFO Organization, infrared photos taken in the dark of night from the shores of Lake Ontario show all sorts of anomalies which cannot be either conventional aircraft or meteorological phenomena. Taken on various occasions, the photos show a pattern of lights in the sky which are definitely under intelligent control as they zig zag from one position to another in the heavens. One photo shows an object actually resting on top of the water, apparently about ready to make a plunge beneath Lake Ontario.


Many of the photos taken by Malcolm Williams, a former member of the Royal Astronomical Association, were done from a position which would indicate that the main area of interest is over the lake between Oakville and Toronto. This theory is supported by Harry Picken, an aeronautical engineer, pilot, and past president of Genair Ltd., a St. Catharine’s aircraft research firm. Picken, who owns a home right on the banks of the lake, has been keeping tabs on the aerial movements near his property for years. One of the most peculiar things the engineer has noticed is that the lights are usually orange, a color foreign to aircraft lights. “The orange color indicates to me a high sodium content in the light source. Sodium is never used in conventional aircraft lighting,” he further points out.


Both Harry Picken and Malcolm Williams believe that the UFO activity over Lake Ontario is somehow related to the fact that a high voltage hydro generating station is located at nearby Lakeview. The UFOs have been seen repeatedly to lift up from the lake and head in the direction of the plant.


Over the years, many odd occurrences have taken place in and around Lake Ontario. In his book, “The Great Lakes Triangle,” Jay Gourley tells of several air mishaps in this very locale, adding substance to the theory that something totally “alien” is operating in and around this body of water.


“There is little doubt that the pilot of the twin jet CF-101 Canadian Air Force interceptor, number 18112, knew he was in trouble on August 23, 1954,” Gourley states in his well researched reference work on the subject. “He was near Ajax, Ontario, on the north shore of Lake Ontario. He bailed out. He explained later that the aircraft became impossible to control. Publicly, the Canadian Defense Headquarters refused to reveal the cause of the accident. The official cause is classified secret. I have seen this secret file. It says the scientists who studied the case could not determine what caused the jet to become unmanageable.” It could be that UFOs utilizing highly magnetized equipment beneath the surface could have accidentally or purposely pulled the aircraft out of the sky.









United States Coast Guard Seal, in correct PMS...

United States Coast Guard Seal, in correct PMS colors. This emblem shall only be used in accordance with the Coast Guard Heraldry Manual, and is not to be reproduced commercially without prior approval of the U.S. Coast Guard. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Satellite photo of Round Lake, Renfrew County,...

Satellite photo of Round Lake, Renfrew County, Ontario. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Early map of Lake Ontario

Early map of Lake Ontario (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Lake Ontario NASA

Lake Ontario NASA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A retired secret service agent admits to the public about the underground tunnel system at 5:10 in this video:






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