Riots, Terror and Checkpoints: Washington’s “Future History” Is Now — DHS Just Can’t Get it Together — West Nile Virus “Outbreak” Justifies Spraying Toxic Chemicals Onto Citizens

Case’s Corner’s News-Blog:

The Alex Jones’ Show: Sunday, Sept. 2nd, 2012[Sorry Folks. … No Video Available For This Edition, As This Is A Compilation of Guests and News, From Previous Recent Shows, (You Know, Labor Day Weekend and All).]
On the Sunday edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talks with leading trends forecaster;Gerald Celente about the still unfolding economic collapse and the social unrest designed to accompany it. In a health blitz, Aaron Dykes and Alex discuss the benefits of weight loss, energy and vitality available through Youngevity and other vitamin supplements. Martial law researcher Doug Hagmann, unveils warnings from his insider sources that the Obama administration is preparing to go “hot” with a false flag event, possibly timed for an “October Surprise.” Finally, Congressman Walter B. Jonestalks about his resolution;HR 5925 to safeguard Americans against unwarranted drone surveillance, while also…

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