The Technology Trap .. Life without electricity.

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Think seriously about the issues broached in this video .. it may very well happen in our future. When I was a kid in the 1930s and 1940s, we lived on a farm. My dad farmed 40 acres with a team of horses and a plow (as shown in this video). We harvested these same acres of corn by picking and shucking ears by hand and tossing them into a wagon powered by the same team of horses. Very few MEN today could physically do this work.

`Our house had no electricity or running water; we had no telephone or television. We butchered our own meat and poultry, hunted for wild game, kept a cow for milk, butter and cottage cheese, grew and canned all our home-grown fruit and vegetables (no chemical pesticides or fertilizers allowed), and cut cords of wood for the pot-belly stove…

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