2012 DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION. Progressives Openly Embrace their Inner Communism

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“In a statement right out of a communist state, the Democrats started their convention with a bit of propaganda declaring we all belong to the government. Seriously. They started their convention with this video:

…I think we can say the Democrats are fulling embracing Barack Obama’s claim that “you didn’t build that.” It’s clear from this we did not take Barack Obama out of context. The Democrats really do believe government built it all.

This is what the Soviets did in their propaganda. They portrayed the people in service to the state. The collective overrode the individuals….”


“The Government Is The Only Thing We All Belong To”.  

I beg to differ.  Politicians/the government works for us.

Starting with the removal by Progressives of “God” from their platform while promoting the murder of innocent babies in the womb, I urge Americans to listen closely this week to…

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