India Draws Tajikistan Into Strategic Trilateral Partnership with Afghanistan On Counter-Terrorist Cooperation


[India is trying to reconstruct the United Front (better known as, Northern Alliance, now called “National Front”) without Ahmad Shah Massoud.  In the new alliance, Ahmad Zia Massoud will take his brother’s place, leading the Afghan Tajiks, alongside ruthless Uzbek overlord, Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum and Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq, who will lead the Hazara Shia minority.  We are supposed to believe that this alliance is merely political in nature, with the aim of replacing Karzai in 2014, but the Indian/Tajik negotiations to build an emergency field hospital on the Afghan border, alongside Indian acquisition of Farkhor Air Base and possibly Ayni air field, as well, speaks volumes about the Indian Strategic Alliance intentions for the near future.  Pakistan and the Taliban are taking-up sides for another civil war in Afghanistan (SEE: Plan B for Afghanistan, the One for a Second Civil War).  In this LINK, we see a…

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