Israeli Court Whitewashes Killing of U.S. Peace Activist

The Jeenyus Corner


• The Talmud, the Jewish holy book, justifies the killing of non-Jews who interfere with crimes of Jews

By Ralph Forbes

Rachel Corrie, the young American girl, “put herself in a dangerous situation,” so it was her fault she was crushed to death by an armored Israeli D9 bulldozer on March 17, 2003. Miss Corrie could have saved herself if she had not protested the demolition of a Palestinian family’s home—and moved out of the zone of danger “as any reasonable person would have done.”

Or so said Israeli Judge Oded Gershon, of the Haifa district court, as he callously tossed out the lawsuit filed by Cindy and Craig Corrie, the grieving parents of Rachel Corrie, “as a last resort to get justice” for their murdered daughter. No price can be put on a human life slaughtered so horrifically, especially one as beautiful as Miss Corrie’s…

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