Mormon plan to establish a world theocracy from America

The Jeenyus Corner


By Ed Decker

February 14, 2007

Early last month I wrote an article called Rising Christian Imperialism Fueled by Dominion Theology. The article is mainly about the danger of Far Right Christian dominionists gaining control after the Obama failure brings about a Far Right backlash in America.

Little did I know when I wrote it that there is already a plan in place to establish a world theocracy from America. It is part of Mormon prophetic doctrine. Now some might say that this is just some pipe dream of a cult. However, if you read this article you might not be so complacent. Mormons have been working toward that end for 160 years and they have infiltrated high levels of government especially top secret intelligence positions. One of their own Bishops, Mitt Romney, is still one of the top contenders for President of the United States in…

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