Ron Paul on Jay Leno, Rules Out Third Party Run as Liberty Movement Hits The Tonight Show

The Jeenyus Corner


By Michael Luciano

On Tuesday, Ron Paul will appear on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno for the second time since December, when then-candidate Paul spoke with Leno about his presidential campaign at a time when the Republican race was very much up for grabs. Paul’s appearance comes on the heels of the revelation that he will not endorse Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson for president. Johnson, the former two-term governor of New Mexico who originally ran for the Republican nomination this year, is ideologically the most compatible candidate with Paul in this year’s presidential field.

This disclosure comes a week after Paul said that he does not “fully endorse” Mitt Romney for president, a candidate with whom he vehemently disagreed during the GOP debates, particularly on the issue of foreign policy. Thus, it does not appear that Paul will endorse anyone for president this year, though if Leno has…

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