The RNC declaration of war, and the coming revolution

The Jeenyus Corner

By Ken Larive

Author’s note: Yesterday I was returning a lawn mower to my good friend and mentioned what I had seen in Tampa. He said, “I think they chose the right man, and I don’t want to talk politics. Romney is the right man for the job, and that’s it.” This morning, before the sun came up, this letter poured from me. I’ve decided to exchange his name for “Dear America,” and uncharacteristically publish this in its entirety. What went on at the GOP convention is nothing short of a declaration of war. It is the powerful who would do anything to say in power, even destroy America. In just a few moments, they destroyed the Republican Party, and insured that Obama would get a second term. They are Neocons, the right’s Progressives, and they together control both sides of the isle. The following is my own declaration…

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