Tucker Carlson: Vehemently Opposed To RNC Convention Security Police State

The Jeenyus Corner

Marshall D. Culpepper

Luke Rudkowski of wearechange.org spoke with Tucker Carlson during the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.  In the brief interview, Carlson expressed that he was shocked and displeased with the high level of security at the convention.  Describing the police state at the RNC’s sham convention, the co-founder of The Daily Caller, referred to the number of police present as “over-kill”.

Mr. Carlson went on to state: “It’s not the kind of county I’d want to live in”.  When asked about the presidential race, he said that he “liked to watch”.

When asked about the NDAA, Carlson claimed that he knew nothing about it, further proving that the talking heads and main-stream media pundits are oblivious to the tyranny being built up all around us (or just complicit).

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