U.S. Totally Unprepared for Coming Solar Superstorm

The Jeenyus Corner


By Dave Gahary

“It’s not just a possibility, it’s a certainty and an inevitability that a Carrington Event will happen, it’s just a question of when.”

This past week, 153 years ago, the world was set on fire from the Sun. Though there are very few Americans who are aware of this, the historical record is clear: from August 28 until September 2, 1859, several sunspots and solar flares were observed on the sun by the astronomer Richard Carrington. The largest flare took only 17 hours to make it to Earth, which ordinarily takes three to four days. This great geomagnetic storm, known as the solar storm of 1859, the 1859 Solar Superstorm, or the Carrington Event, took the world by storm, no pun intended.

Aurorae were visible across the globe; over the Rocky Mountains it was so bright that gold miners began preparing breakfast at…

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