Vermin Supreme: The protester who would be president

The Jeenyus Corner



Tampa, Florida (CNN) — Vermin Supreme — yes, that’s his real name — was in his element at the “free speech zone” way, way, wa-a-a-a-y outside the sports arena hosting the Republican National Convention. He stood with a bullhorn in that tense gap between the front lines of police and two sets of protesters.

The cops were tricked out in their riot “turtle suits,” and one group of protesters, led by a red-and-black anarchist flag, was intent on disrupting the planned demonstration of another, the anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church.

The gray-bearded hippie standing between them wore a boot on his head.

“Between the cops and the protesters, there’s a vacuum. That’s the space I occupy,” Vermin Supreme explained afterward. “It looked a little scary. It looked like it might get tense.”

The self-described “friendly fascist,” who is a perennial presidential candidate and veteran of countless protests…

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