Video: Allen West calls out the Democrats as the party of Jim Crow and the KKK

America's Watchtower

  First, let me apologize for being so video-centric recently, I feel lazy just posting videos, but there is so much good stuff out there right now that I simply have to post it.

  The Democrats love to call the Republicans racists who would return America to the Jim Crow, Bull Connor, segregationist, KKK era but they conveniently forget to mention that it was the Democrats who were responsible for these policies while Republicans such as Abraham Lincoln and Dwight D Eisenhower who were the ones responsible for ending many of these policies.

  Allen West recently appeared on Boston talk radio in an interview with Michael Graham and called out the Democrat party for being responsible for giving us the KKK, Jim Crow, and segregation while calling them out for their hypocrisy on these issues.

  Here is the video:

  Of course the Democrats will call Allen West an Uncle Tom…

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