Roast unicorn anybody? What they ate in the Middle Ages! Add your thoughts here… (optional)

The Templar Knight

The British Library reported in April this year that it had found a long lost medieval cookbook that included a recipe for roast unicorn – it even included a helpful picture of the unicorn being roasted.

Just as I was about to believe this incredible story from the British Library – I couldn’t help noticing that the date of the article was – 1st April, 2012. April Fools Day! However, it’s a very amusing article nevertheless and click HERE to read it.

But that does beg the question – what exactly did people eat in the Middle Ages? There are several books you can download on Amazon that give you good medieval recipes including The Medieval Cookbook by Maggie Black – click HERE to see.

What makes me salivate is the interesting mixture of flavours that people used in the Middle Ages. We’ve got used to certain spices appearing with…

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