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US-Backed Terrorists Murder US’ Own Ambassador in Libya

McCain‘s “Libyan patriots” have now murdered US Ambassador John Christopher Stevens in the very city where McCain spoke these words. An assault on the American consulate in the eastern city of Benghazi, the epicenter of not only last year’s violent subversion and destruction of sovereign Libya, but a decades-old epicenter of global terrorism, left Ambassador Stevens dead along with two of his aides…’

Can the European Union Tax the Vatican?
Strapped Europe’s New Idea: Tax the Vatican

Why are City Residents Slimmer Than Rural Ones
Researchers mentioned physical isolation as a cause. Should pollution index and hectic city life be mentioned too?

‘…It’s also important to understand the root causes of rural obesity. The researchers point to two factors — diet and physical isolation…’

Manila Flooding Evacuations Back
102 families evacuated in San Juan
‘A total of…

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