9-10-2012 A Stargate Is Born



“I worked in the pentagon for three decades. I’m currently in a southeast Asian country that doesn’t have friendly extradition treaties: keep dogging away. You have most of the critical pieces of the puzzle right here.” – anonymous: March 10, 2013

If you thought the Denver Airport was spooky, and some have said the same about their visit to Hoover Dam, the idea that it is not only a modern day pyramid, but more specifically a Stargate portal for malicious use, or exclusive voyage rights only for the privileged, may be the reason. Yes, Denver’s airport is the portal to an underground bunker as Hoover Dam is to the Universe.

Movie magic and special effects

Obama apparently takes an impromptu excursion from the Las Vegas presidential debates apparently confused as to NOT knowing the Dam’s primary functions, nor how the Dam serves ‘his’ constituents in the Southwest…

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