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Marshall D. Culpepper
Editor’s note: I originally posted the following text in my local county’s GOP group on Facebook. I have been taking the truth to that group for a few months now. I’ve had an unexpected effect in forcing people to ask about and look into the detention camps, and I’m trying to show them that the strings are being pulled on this psychotic puppet show. As of yet, no member of the group has responded or acknowledged the post.

Here’s the screen shot from the STATE DEPT. Website…. If it were JUST the media that claimed our “Embassy in Benghazi” was attacked, I could chalk it off as an error, the liberal media enjoying a juicy bloody story at the expense of those who are hurting over whatever it was that happened… (they’re that type of breed).

But the government reported it as such, and…

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One thought on “Lied About 9/11! Lied About Iraqi WMD’s! They’re Lying About Libya! War With Iran Coming Soon! | THE JEENYUS CORNER

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