Dept. of State Issued Travel Warning on Libya Two Weeks Pre-9112012 Attacks

Chinese Protesters Chant “Down with US imperialism!” “Pay us back our money!” — Attacks US Ambassador’s Car in Beijing

WW111 on the rise!

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“The melee occurred outside the gates of the US embassy on Tuesday and security guards had to intervene to protect Gary Locke, 62. The protesters caused minor damage to the vehicle, a statement from the embassy said.

‘Embassy officials have registered their concern regarding today’s incident with the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and urged the Chinese Government to do everything possible to protect American facilities and personnel,’ the statement said.

The incident happened on Tuesday, while large crowds of protesters were massed outside the Japanese embassy nearby, to demand that Japan relinquish control of an island chain claimed by China in the waters between the two countries….”

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The first video is of the attack on US Ambassador Gary Locke’s car.

What we are witnessing America is the gift that Barack Obama, his big government spending and weak foreign policies has brought to America, correction the…

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The Muslim Brotherhood via GBTV


When we hear these words through around in reference to Egypt, Yemen, Iran and Tunisia, we must recognize that democracy is not what we believe it is any more than it was in 1979! We speak a different language, but they have made it their business to learn OUR language. They have studied America and the American way of life. We know little, if anything about them and their way of life, so we assume their words of FREEDOM mean what we WANT them to mean, but we are sorely mistaken … as perhaps we are now learning.

FREEDOM means freedom from the Laws of man
Justice means justice according to Sharia

You will hear of wars and rumors of wars,
but see to it that you are not alarmed.
Such things must happen, but the end is still to come.

Matthew 24:6 (NIV)

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Just As We Thought, Obama’s US Government Shifts Foreign Policy To Asian-Pacific Region

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Just As We Thought, Obama’s US Government Shifts Foreign Policy To Asian-Pacific Region.


So, the Obama government can’t take the ‘peace-filled’ Muslims anymore…Now they see a war brewing in the far east…and MUST get involved.  QV wrote about it here,  he is from the far east.. They have to ‘get involved’ because Obama and Hitlery LOVE war with a passion.  Even more than the neo-conservatives…Sometimes I really believe that we just need to be bombed into oblivion.. because we (as a whole) need to be humbled.

China Daily: ‘US behaving badly’

Since the Obama administration shifted its foreign policy priority to the Asia-Pacific region it has greatly enhanced its engagement in regional affairs both diplomatically and economically. In addition to strengthening ties with their allies and partners, the United States has tried to consolidate its power in the region by interfering in the territorial disputes in the…

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So..Obama, the ‘ZIONIST’ Won’t Meet With Netanyahu…

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 Look at that face…Can’t ya feel the love…

For real...anytime someone calls Obama a “Zionist”, it makes me laugh like crazy.  Obama is from a Muslim/Marxist/Bolshevik background.  Historically, Bolsheviks have always hated Zionists.  That will not change just because Obama is still in power.

(Zionism really just means Jews wanting to go to Israel after long exile, that’s all.  If you believe anything more, you are nuts & know zero about the Zionism vs Bolshevism factor within the Jewish people.  If you started calling things what they are within this govt; BOLSHEVISM, you would have Jews AND non Jew Commies coming unhinged. Communism is not partial to Jews OR Non-Jews….Spiritual/Religious Zion-ism is.  It means God–the cornerstone of God and is partial to those who believe in God almighty.)

Obama HATES Israel.  Got it? He hates the Jews in Israel.  He hates Jews, period.  Yet, leftist-Jews will…

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