The Mad Jewess

Contributed By GoldBugGal

GMOs are the “depopulation” tool of choice. Most of the animals fed a steady diet of GMO corn (or other GE crops) are either sterile, or their offspring are born dead. Entire herds of cattle died this year because ranchers had no hay and were forced to feed them sileage with concentrations of nitrates. Our problem is that we don’t know what is GE and what is not .. dairy is filled with bovine growth hormones and antibiotics, even more concentrated in cheese .. meats are filled with hormones and antibiotics AND a bonus killer if the animals were fed GE corn.
Now they’re messing with ALL our vegetables, fruits and seeds .. so what does that leave for us to eat? We can’t grow everything .. and maybe we won’t be able to grow anything, because they’re manipulating our climate and rainfall, as well as spraying…

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