The Mad Jewess

SEE!! You can’t say a thing about Mohammed! Who is a DEAD man!   They are not a ‘minority’!!  They are the MAJORITY and still can’t take any criticism of their f’cked up ‘g’od!

I don’t care..you can call me any damned name you want.  I dont give a rats ass.  Yesterday I had a really nasty pu$$y for Sharia here.  He was a Jew-hater...I lived!

You can go to Youtube and there are millions of vids that are totally Jew hating.  And plenty that are Christian hating–we live!  We go on with our lives..Not these MuZZies! They are little pu$$ies, just like I said!

Muslims + Marxists=THE SAME


SEE: France in lockdown over Moe-toons, French gov’t orders 20 embassies, schools to close


France moetoon

I did this song, 2010:

And shut up, I will say what I friggin want.

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