So..Obama, the ‘ZIONIST’ Won’t Meet With Netanyahu…

The Mad Jewess

 Look at that face…Can’t ya feel the love…

For real...anytime someone calls Obama a “Zionist”, it makes me laugh like crazy.  Obama is from a Muslim/Marxist/Bolshevik background.  Historically, Bolsheviks have always hated Zionists.  That will not change just because Obama is still in power.

(Zionism really just means Jews wanting to go to Israel after long exile, that’s all.  If you believe anything more, you are nuts & know zero about the Zionism vs Bolshevism factor within the Jewish people.  If you started calling things what they are within this govt; BOLSHEVISM, you would have Jews AND non Jew Commies coming unhinged. Communism is not partial to Jews OR Non-Jews….Spiritual/Religious Zion-ism is.  It means God–the cornerstone of God and is partial to those who believe in God almighty.)

Obama HATES Israel.  Got it? He hates the Jews in Israel.  He hates Jews, period.  Yet, leftist-Jews will…

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