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  • The currency wars have started. The sheeple are still asleep. They do not understand what is going on. The FedRes, ECB and BOJ are ‘all in’! They are adopting QE to infinity and beyond. QE is currency devaluation! When you have 3 major central banks adopting currency devaluations to supposedly boost their economies, what do you think the rest of the world will do?
  • The world is heading towards a global currency crisis. Fiat currencies will go down to toilet bowl of currency debasement. The 3 major currencies: USD, Euro and Yen have initiated currency wars. Minor currencies will adopt the same stance to maintain economic competitiveness ie. competitive devaluations. In the end inflation and hyperinflation is certain. Fiat currencies which are backed by NOTHING will return to their intrinsic value of ZERO! Got physical gold yet? Emphasis and remarks mine:

    Bank of Japan, ECB and Fed in a “Race to…

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One thought on “Bank of Japan, ECB and Fed in a “Race to Debase” Says Kilburg! Currency Wars!!

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