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  • I do not believe that the Chinese will do a bond attack on Japan. This is just political rhetoric to release some tension to appease the Chinese public. However, having said this a bond attack is a nightmare scenario. And I don’t mean against Japan. I mean the Chinese adopting the ‘nuclear’ option of dumping all US treasuries and even the USD!
  • The Chinese are somewhat quiet on what is happening in the Middle East with regards to an attack on Iran. Iran is a major supplier of oil to them. Without oil, the Chinese economy (and all economies) will collapse. Although, the Russians are supplying and are committed to supplying any amount of oil the Chinese need, the fear is that the Russians may suddenly change its mind (because it is after all controlled via a Rothschild central bank).
  • When the Greater Middle East war starts what…

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One thought on “Beijing Hints at Bond Attack on Japan?!

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