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  • I want to put an end to the idea amongst most people who thinks that the American naval armada in the Persian Gulf is invincible. And that American forces will conduct ‘shock and awe’ against Iran much like they did in Iraq. I don’t think so! Even without the Chinese DongFeng DF21 carrier killer missile, Iran’s possession of possibly thousands of SS-N-22 Sunburn and SS-N-25/26 Super Surnburns (Onyx/Yakhont) is enough to annihilate the western naval armada in the Strait of Hormuz. If Iran has in their possession the Chinese DF21 aircraft carrier killer, it is game over for the western armada! Better sail to the Caribbean for BBQ and get out of sight!
  • This war is not going to be a walk in the park by any means. The possession of super-sonic anti-ship missiles is the asymmetric game changer in naval warfare. All eyes are on this battle: Supersonic anti-ship missile vs aircraft…

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