[Former Israeli spy and former military trainer Yair Klein recently revealed that the government of Colombia invited him to train the first units of FARC (SEE:  Yair Klein Reveals That He Was “Asked by the Colombian government to help train FARC.”  ).  Klein then went-on to train the so-called “self-defense forces” of the AUC–the true Colombian death squads.   FARC has thoughts of disarming now, after all of these years, because the peace initiatives of the Santos government are correcting those mistakes and bringing those vigilante leaders to justice.  Under his leadership, the Nation is desperately striving to overcome the years of devastation wrought by one of the first American “synthetic wars,” a complex and lengthy process of creating war, by the creation of opposing forces.  This process of controlling conflict through a slow process of military provocations, which justify even bigger reprisals, has enabled the lone superpower to…

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