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  • Embry – We’re Witnessing A Historic & Frightening End Game! 
    by www.kingworldnews.com
    Today John Embry gave a stunning interview to King World News.  In it he made some rather frightening predictions.  Embry believes, “… we are in the early stages of a global ‘Weimar’ event.” Embry stated, “This is very historic what’s happening here,” as we have now entered “the end game.”

    Here is what Embry, who is Chief Investment Strategist at Sprott Asset Management, had to say:  “I think the attempts to restrain the gold and silver prices here are the most intense they’ve been in the last 15 to 18 years.  This is because we are now in the end game.  Everybody has now stated they will have QE to infinity.”

    “We started the money printing in Europe, then the US followed, and today Japan has now joined the counterfeiting spree.  The Chinese are…

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