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  • Pastor Williams will discuss theend of the petro-dollar and the initiation of the Chinese petro-yuan on the 6th September 2012. This means that any country in the world can buy, sell and trade crude oil in Chinese yuan instead of the US dollar. On the 7th September 2012 Russia announced it will supply China with all the oil it needed and will sell it in a currency other than the US dollar. Also that the Fed are buying $40Bn of mortgaged backed securities every month – indefinitely. They plan to own every piece of mortgaged real estate in the US. They will use the securities in the derivatives market and $40Bn will become $1Tn. The same is happening in Europe. This will be a global collapse of biblical proportions, with the goal being a global government with global electronic currency. Lindsey will also be taking calls during the two…

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One thought on “Lindsey Williams: Global Collapse of Biblical Proportions!

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