The Mad Jewess

The Impossible Dream.....

The Impossible Dream…..C. 2012 P. AsheDina, TMJ

Really listen to the words of this song.  They are incredible and Jim Nabors sings this song better than anyone, ever.  You/we are in a fight.  Its time for people to realize that our country is destroyed.  Past time to realize that our sins are great. It is time to look at truth and call out the evil.  And, yes, America has been evil.

Just what is a false patriotism?  I look at Marlene Dietrich. She LOVED Germany.  She called its sins & wrong-doings out as Germany was turning to fascism, daily.  People called her a traitor.. She could not take anymore, she preferred to live and fled to the once great America while others stayed behind, blindly dedicating themselves to Hitler in false patriotism.  Ditto many who fled the Bolshevik revolution.

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