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  • Greg Hunter is a good guy. I am very wary of all the propaganda which the western MSM dish out against Ahmadinejad. They have consistently mis-translated what he says intentionally to paint him as a Jew hater. This is not true from all my studies of him. The Illuminist method is: if they can’t convince you, they confuse you! So expect propaganda, outright lies, mis-information, dis-information … from the western Illuminist MSM … which will confuse many good people.

    Iran, Israel and U.S. Inching Towards War in the Middle East! 
    by Greg Hunter’sUSAWatchdog.com
    There were lots of fireworks at the United Nations this week.  Yesterday, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, was drawing a red line of his own on a crude picture of a bomb.  Don’t laugh, because he was really talking to the U.S. audience in illustrating his point that Iran is getting close to…

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