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  • NATO Terrorists Bomb School in Syria!
    by Tony Cartalucci, Contributor, Activist Post 
    France seeks no-fly zone over Syria to repeat Al Qaeda Benghazi-blowback.

    As NATO desperately attempts to cover up a botched false flag operation in Benghazi, Libya which left a high-ranking US diplomat dead, France has urged a repeat performance in Syria. That is, arming and providing air support for the very terrorist battalions now operating in Syria that have ravaged and overrun Libya, leaving it a perpetually wrecked, destabilized terrorist epicenter.

    The announcement made by French President Francois Hollande came on the heels of a deadly terrorist bombing in Damascus targeting a school rebels claim baselessly claim was being used by Syrian security forces.

    Western propagandists are now calling the school a “security building.” Reuters reported in their article, “Syrian rebels bomb security building in Damascus:”

    Protection for ‘liberated’ areas would require…

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