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  • Jim Willie: Extreme Symptoms & Hidden Menace As Gold Targets $1990! 
    byJim WillieGoldenJackass.com, via http://www.silverdoctors.com/ 
    – Deep dependence upon bond monetization without sterilization has become the norm
    – The hidden motive for QE3 is to bury multi-$trillion mortgage bond fraud

    – The USDollar global reserve privilege will be victim to the never-ending global financial crisis
    – The COMEX and LBMA are scrambling to find Gold & Silver supply for inventory

    – The Gold price is forming the right side handle in consolidation

    – The target remains 1990, to be realized by the QE gears

    Some competent analysts claim the United States and Western nations are stuck in the eye of the hurricane. Maybe so, but the internal stresses are so great that they will move beyond the eye into a zone of clearly apparent destruction soon. Some aware analysts believe the bond monetization…

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