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  • Obama Preparing October Surprise! 
    by http://larouchepac.com/ 
    A senior U.S. intelligence source reported Tuesday that, while an Israeli attack on Iran or an eruption of a Syria-Turkey border war cannot be ruled out between now and election day, the most likely “October Surprise” is a U.S. bombing or special forces attack on a target responsible for the Benghazi consulate assault. The source reported that the U.S. is engaged in an intense hunt for a credible target, and that U.S. military action against the authors of the Benghazi attack — Ansar al-Sharia — is a top priority for Obama. The source considered it a “high probability” that such an attack will take place either later this month or in early November — just prior to election day. “If there is going to be an October Surprise, this is it,” the source emphasized. He added that White House staffers are already…

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