You might be a Brainwashed Zombie Sheople If?

1. If you think the New World Order is Good (((a big idea)))! Not!

2. If all you can talk and think about is Sports.
3. You watch or get excited to watch “American Idol
4. All you think about is  ” sex ” or lack of.
5. If you blow all the money you have getting that next buzz or high!
6. You watch Fox News like religious class that you get your beliefs from.
7. You watch CNN News like religious class that you get your beliefs from.

8. Believe America is a democracy.

9.Stand in line for hours just to watch the Next blockbuster movie.

10. If you think antidepressants are good for your mental health.
11. Think the lyrics to the Beatles “Imagine” is clever or catchy.

12.If you think Voting for a Republican or Democrat is a real choice.

13. If you like big Government.

14 If you think the founding fathers were terrorists.

15. If you think Global Warming Hoax aka “Climate change” is man made

16. If you think the Mainstream Media Tells the truth.  
17. If you get your annual Flue shot.
18. If you think killing Baby’s is a right.
19. If your an Atheist.
20. If you think GMO Foods are good to eat.
21 If you think Communism is the best form of Government.
22. If you think the Bush/Obama bailout saved the world.
23. If you fly a “Che” Guevara the Argentine Marxist revolutionary Flag.
24. If you think, Rush Limbaugh is a Conservative and not a  NEOCON
25. If you think   The Federal Reserve is part of the Federal Government.
26. If you think Professional wresting is a real sport.
27. If you think its ok for Government  to take away your right to consume something you enjoy
28. If the current drug war is working.
29. If your a fans of policing the world; getting involved in affairs that are not our business. Interventionism also goes by the code term “American Exceptional-ism.
30. If you did not know that Barry Soetoro is also known as Barack H. Obama.  
31.  You stare blankly into space for an extended period of time without a thought in your head.
32. If you think 911 was NOT an inside job!
33.  If you think Micro chipping people is a good idea.
34. If you believe in Over Population!  Then Kill your self!
So after all this Im going to go a blog about the Overpopulation Propaganda lie’s that the NWO Banksters created through the Rockefeller Rothschild Family’s Education foundation and propaganda. FACT The UN did a study and found that the earth can be Sustaining up to 274 Billion people for our future and we are only at around 7 billion. So Over Population is a line of Crap that people have been brainwashed to believe.

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