School Massacres Fraud or Hoax? Politicians,Push Gun Legislation ban to protect themselves.

The 1996 Dunblane School Massacre

How the School Massacres have Become Mind-Control Television Events

Is it possible that these School massacres are false flag made for TV drama’s. and that nobody really dies.  The truth is that I do not know I’m just asking the question?

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Mind control. Mass hypnosis. Operant conditioning. Brain entrainment. That’s what we’re talking about here.

Sandy Hook Police Scanner 911 Call Reveals 3 Shooters Seen, 1 Dead Inside.

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Dont trust what CNN & Fox report to you as news , they no longer report news they create it for influencing the minds of the viewers and for ratings and profits!

Second Man in Camo Pants WAS DETAINED at CT School Shooting

We hear nothing at all about this man in camo pants who DETAINED after being handcuffed. It is interesting that this witness said that he was placed in the FRONT seat of a police car. Who gets arrested, rides away in the FRONT seat of a police car, and has all reports of his arrest suppressed?The raw footage videos, and witnesses, prove that two perpetrators were captured outside

The Sandy Hook Shooting Happened 555 Days After The “20 Childrens Bodies Found In Texas” Hoax…

Fathers of slain children do not go around joking and laughing the next day this guy is a fraud and he is an actor and so is the aunt that spoke before him and this entire shooting is a scam to take away guns.  Doctors would have been needed to care for the living. No one saw any bodies removed from that building. No way could daddy bull crap been seen laughing in a video nor smiling with Obama in photographs. Those cops looked beyond pissed in that photo op of Obama’s and the all Smile’s dad!

Now, remember the movie ‘The Client’ with Susan Sarandon representing that boy. His brother was emotionally terrorized in fear and curled up in a ball for most of that movie after what those two brothers witnessed. Those Sandy Hook children would have done the same thing. This was a hoax, a dirty rotten evil hoax.

Did you see the Bobbie video: he swaggers up to the podium like central casting for 007 with a smirk and asks “are we ready to start?” Is this guy an actor? I would figure after being a father he’d stop calling himself Bobbie and go for just Bob or Robert.

But then there’s this police scanner recording where one cop is heard to say “I see two, they’re coming at me! This is it!”

Then the story keeps changing – Ryan is found with.. no it’s Adam… Adam is found with two handguns yet they say the victims all received 5 to 11 rifle shots. Did they find the rifles? The details are really sloppy and sketchy. And the teachers interviewed all expressed a need for mental health evaluation and gun control. Talk about agenda driven.

1. There were two or more gunmen according to NBC News.
2. Adam was dead in the school and his brother was being led out of the woods handcuffed. Again, nbc news.

The 1996 Dunblane School Massacre

Twenty-eight kids shot in Dunblane, a town Of 10,000, forty miles from Edinburgh

Dunblane Was Another Odd Massacre

This came on the heels of the Port Arthur Massacre, and had the same MO. Both Dunblane and Port Arthur were remote, both shooters had no motive, and they were horrific massacres.

What Happened

On March 13, 1996, at 9:30 a.m., Thomas Hamilton, 43, went to the Dunblane Primary School with four handguns and more than 700 rounds of ammunition. Once there, he cut the telephone wires on a nearby pole, then proceeded to the assembly hall. He shot several teachers, and then started shooting 5 year-old students. Next, he went into the classrooms and shot several more. He then returns to the gym, put a gun into his mouth, and pulled the trigger.

The brutal rampage left 17 people murdered, including one teacher and 16 children. Twelve more students, and three teachers, were wounded.

Hamilton (nee Watt) ran a series of boy scout camps. He was a nobody from a small village. A key may lay in Edinburgh, 40 miles from Dunblane, and a key financial center. His three adversaries were a gun club (rejected membership), the police who investigated him pedophilia type complaint, and the boy scouts who refused him a position.

Psychiatrists are confused as to why these weren’t his targets.

Lord Cullen Leads Inquiry

It was an odd police Inquiry, which contained a lot of busy work and minutiae, but no real answers.

Hamilton walked in and killed 17, but the real questions should be why, and who was he in contact with for the last few years. Rumors floated he was seeing an Edinburgh psychiatrist. Cullen sealed the evidence for 100 years.

Gun Legislation

Within six weeks after the shooting, a mysterious group had an anti-gun petition with 705,000 signatures. By 1997, Tony Blair, at the urging of Zionists, passed a gun law effectively eliminating all private ownership of handguns in the UK.

Conspiracy Crowds

Dunblane’s conspiracy centers around a theory that Hamilton was a part of a pedophile ring, that included major politicians, and they put on the 100 yr ban to protect themselves.

A silly smokescreen like that, points to a deeper conspiracy.

The Questions Begin

A contingent of various people contest the official findings. Ms Uttley wrote a book questioning the Crown’s 100-year seal on the Dunblane evidence.

Similarities to the Port Arthur massacre also question the validity of the inquiry, and the possibility of official involvement. The people (MacGregor, Scurry, Beattie, Uttley) questioning the massacres are eyewitnesses, and ex-policeman.

Stewart Beattie, who worked closely with the eyewitnesses, found discrepancies in the suicide account, and believes there was another person involved.

Coincidences With Other Massacres

The investigations of the massacres are all tightly controlled, Columbine was Fuselier, Port Arthur was Tasmanian police, and this was Central Scotland Police. Most occur at schools, in small towns, and the immediate aftermath are the Zionists with their gun control laws coming forth to take advantage.

What Really Happened

Hamilton was spotted by a Sayanim, probably a Doctor. He was supposedly taking Prozac, was troubled, which would make him a ripe Manchurian Candidate. He just didn’t explode. Instead he was nurtured along. For months leading up to the massacre, he had been visited by strange Mid-Eastern men, who could have very well been Israeli. He was turned by the use of psychotropic drugs into a mindless moron. Both Port Arthur, and Dunblane, had paramilitary overtones, where phone lines are cut, and police are sent on decoy missions.


We are close to a world revolution and catastrophic econominc collapse,, and the last thing the Zionist elite want is a bunch of patriots with guns.

His Suicide

The Cullen report said he was shot four times.

How Was He Turned?

Mossad agents used a psychiatric profile on Hamilton, whereby they befriended him, then dropped him down into a mental abyss. In the end, the profile would point to something at that school.
Why Did He Do It, And Who Benefits?

Hamilton had no relationship to that school, so what brought him there?. Who guns down 28 five year-old kids? His likely targets would have been the Boy Scout administrators, the police, or the members of the gun club that turned him down

The beneficiary is the Zionist Gun Control Lobby. And the reason Hamilton did it, is because he was psychologically programmed, and probably cooked on drugs.

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