Connect the dots, fill in the blanks and get real. It will be too late

None of this is speculation or prophecy, but only THE VERY SUMMIT OF OBVIETY. “Holocaust” is Greek for “whole burnt [offering]” and is modernly a byword for “democide” (i.e. “death by government”), the leading cause of death worldwide and increasingly for US Americans today. In the outer circles Nazis were (and are!) indeed eugenicists. But in the inner circles Nazis are fundamentally occultists. THE NAZI OCCUPATION USHERED IN A DEEPLY RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION, NOT A SHALLOWLY RACIAL ONE. Orthodoxy and rival (i.e. counter-Nazi) esotericisms–not Jewry as such–constituted Hitler’s ideological foe. Or else why did he target Masons, Gypsies and Jehovah’s Witnesses? Hitler’s “bible” was Helena Blavatsky’s tome SECRET DOCTRINE, the consummate New Age Compendium. Helena, a famous charlatan who took in many spiritualists in New York, actually preached a spiritual rather than a racial emphasis, and no author–not even Nietzsche or Jung–did Hitler prize above the foundress of Theosophy. That is why it figures that the socialist, fascist  Nazi pigs gladly supported the socialist, fascist Zionist pigs (ideological [uncircumcised] sons of Theodor Herzl) and were more than happy to spare Worker-Party-sympathizing (SECULAR) Jews, shuttling* them to the erstwhile Holy Land of Palestine, which had been taken from the Muslim Ottoman Turks by Brits (like Lawrence) aided by gullible Arab Bedouins whom they “promised land” so to speak, even though the English monarchy actually ended up using it as collateral against a scandalous debt King George VI (the one portrayed in “The King’s Speech”) owed to Zionist Rothschild world bankers (who increasingly pull all the strings and constitute the one remaining world power). IT WAS EITHER THE HOLY LAND OR THE CROWN AND THRONE! Indeed not only Palestine but every region where there was once British Empire occupation is now notorious for its violence. Why? Probably because MI6, just like CIA, answers to the world banks, certainly not to any civilian “security” interests. (Ever wonder why we don’t just have a referendum to audit/downsize the CIA? That’s right: they’re above the checks and balances and therefore comfortably outside the reach of “We the People.”) Why does the USA pour untold billions into Israel’s socialist regime? Why do US Americans believe such pathologically lying (really psy-ops-based) top political executives or their establishment-groveling media spokespersons? WHY DO US AMERICANS TODAY BELIEVE EVERYTHING CROWN-LOVING BRITS LIKE PIERS MORGAN TELL US ABOUT THE WAY THINGS ARE? The USA’s growing debt to China spells foreign occupation for the USA, too, and indeed China is cracking the whip by taking possession of “their” oil in Texas etc. True story: fascism is an easy and deadly delusion. Pray for those who have, since there’s often no talking to them…

* Even that petty little globalist flea that is Wikimedia admits that “Palestine was the only location to which any Nazi relocation plan succeeded in producing significant results, by means of an agreement begun in 1933 between the Zionist Federation of Germany [die Zionistische Vereinigung für Deutschland] and the Nazi government, the Haavara Agreement.”

P.S.: Oh, for the love of God, for once in your life, let REALITY interrupt your self-aggrandizing vacuum.

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