Business Partners Wanted: Want to be a Co-Host at the Round Table?

Business Partners Wanted:  We are going to be starting a Live Radio Broadcast show its going to be in a round table format.  Also We are seeking New Freedom and Liberty Shows to join our network of shows for doing 24/7 365 Live Broadcast from out website and Live streaming Channels!    Co-Hosts and Partners are wanted.   If you think you may have what it takes to be at the table as a Co-Host / Partner. We are looking for Patriots and are interviewing now for Partners / Sponsors for the show.

We need to raise $2500 Per Month for a New weekly Radio Program. We plan on 6 seats at the round table 5 regular Partners/Co-Hosts and 1 open seat for guests. We finished the Brochure for the Radio Program that we plan on doing and it looks cool kinda like our website. Now its a matter of getting them to the people who will partner with us! To get a copy and see this please go to this link and download the file its in PDF a Let us know what you think I know you have a lot on your plate now but this is a Big time Radio Station that wants our show to go live! Chicago Personality Radio since 1985. Alex Jones, Dan Patrick, Mancow, Brandmeier, Dahl, Kevin Matthews, Gary Meier, Penn Jillet, Tom Leykis, Adam Corolla, Phil Hendrie, & Howard Stern

Welcome to International Christian Radio!

am 1310 am 1590

New York/Chicago

Personality Radio since 1985.


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We provide a worldwide geopolitical platform to our sponsors. We promote freedom, Liberty, truth & justice for all.

 Help $upport

Freedom & Liberty

This is a place to maximize your advertising dollars! International Christian Radio has live shows and is heard around the world on the    AM Radio/Internet. Your advertising budget can reach around the world like never before! Don’t you want to be a part of the money that our audience is spending on our sponsors? Not only is your business promoted locally but worldwide as well!

Let’s have a look at what your advertising dollar gives you when you advertise with International Christian Radio!



An on-air commercial professionally recorded playing 24 hours a day and heard around the world!



Your company’s name (and logo) on our International Christian Radio advertiser’s’ webpage.


Your company’s name mentioned as an advertiser in a station liner not the same as your voice commercial.


Some of the greatest internet hosts from around the world and a internet/radio station that goes the extra mile to provide top-quality information.


Our website audience reaches over 100,000 people a year. Our radio program reaches over 1,000,000 a day!

The “in” thing




Your Extreme Think-Over





Call Daniel and ask for Details


Or Email us at


 30 second Commercials:


$50.00 a month


$600 a year

We have room for 10 Spots/Partners for our program

Call Now Don’t miss out! You are the Resistance!

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