I had a chance to talk with James William Parrillo of Greenpeace who was part of the action team to Save the Whales he was sentenced to 19 years imprisonment isolated from people for two decades in America’s most secure Supermax Prison located in Florence, Colorado then became close friends and next door neighbor to the infamous ‘Uni-Bomber’, Theodore “Ted” John Kaczynski.


UPDATE: How did he conjure up such an elaborate story?

6-16-2016  I had heard that a person’s eyes shifting to the left is a way to tell that they’re lying.  It never occurred to me that this characteristic is foolproof in lie detection.  Test yourself in the mirror by talking for a few minutes.  tell a story and make one up and see what you see.  A known fact: You can’t think of sour, bad, negative thoughts when looking upward in the heavens.  It’s easy to mope around all day so long as you know people by the style of their shoes.

For three years people have occasionally written in to say that James was a liar.  His son tried to find him.  Not that he was a bad person in a malicious way, but that he just didn’t tell the truth.  He was a runner.  When I decided…

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