Agenda 21 implemented in NY State by April. Yes THIS APRIL 2013

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Forum_Agenda 21_Agents Municipaux_015 (Photo credit: Gilles Couteau)

Dear  Fellow Patriots,

 Most of us have heard something about Agenda 21, and many of us are starting to feel the looming threat of this unconstitutional, oppressive set of mandates.  A group of ambitious patriots across the state are now organizing the pushback.  Some municipalities are now waking up and resolving never to sign on to the policies of Agenda 21.  I have been asked to help lead this effort in the Wester NY region, consisting of more than 9 counties: Monroe, Genesee, Livingston, Ontario, Wayne, Orleans, Seneca, Wyoming, Yates + the City’s of Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse.

 Are you ready to DO SOMETHING about this?? The system is ready. The leadership is in place. The lines of communication are open. The documents have been prepared. We will have a meeting about this, but we can’t wait any longer.   I hope that you understand this dire situation for NY State and for our Country is in.  If Patriots don’t work together in this great effort against the New World Order we may lose this one great country that we love to the Globalist Banksters. 

Chancellor Cuomo isn’t slowing down. While the Second Amendment debate rages, he wants Agenda 21 implemented by April. Yes THIS APRIL – less than a month to stop this travesty! We have an estimated 50 volunteers for Agenda 21:

 Please let me know if you can help  out about Agenda 21

 Sincerely Daniel J Leach



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