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[Note: Some have commented that this article is a bit misleading. While Hemp seed oil is generally healthy with lots of gamma linoleic acid, it is the Marijuana Buds and Leaves, soaked in alcohol and then slow cooked down so that the alcohol evaporates and leaves behind the pure extracted essence into a black tar like substance that is the hemp oil which is the cancer cure. I have added this video to help clarify it. Cannabis oil contains THC and produces a THC effect. But that is not why cancer patients take it. It has millions of unknown substances which is currently beyond today’s science. I have retitled the article Cannabis Oil and Cancer to avoid the confusion. I hope this helps.

Please donate to Phoenix Tears. People are serving 3 year jail sentences just for helping dying kids. I am not connected with Phoenix Tears in any way.

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5 thoughts on “Spain Study Confirms Cannabis Oil Cures Cancer Without Side Effects

  1. hello

    this is to testify to everyone who is suffering from any kind of cancer should contact Dr Smith for the cure of cancer with hemp oil, my cancer was cure with hemp oil that was supply by Dr Smith you can reach him on his email for the supply of hemp oil to cure any kind of cancer on his (drsmithwilliams2013@gmail.com)

    how i cured my cancer with hemp oil

    • Thanks for the tip! Would you like to do a interview with us on our blog? if so give me a call. 1(585)236-9858 ask for Daniel

  2. My friend introduce to this herbal doctor from Africa who provide me with herbal medicine and hemp oil to cure my cancer,this medication was procured and delivered to me within a week and after using the medication for four weeks,i saw a great change and as I’m writing this article i am not a cancer patient and i am healthy again. The reason i am this article is because many people have died of this deadly disease that have no orthodox cure and many people are still out there suffering from this disease today. If you there reading this article and know anybody suffering any kind of cancer contact Dr Ukuse via email: herbalhealinghome@gmail.com and give him a trial and i know he will help you and make the person live again.

  3. How cannabis/hemp oil save my life

    My name is Jessica from california,i was once a ovarian cancer patient i did chemo and
    radiation many times but no avail it rather
    weaken my immune system and i was unable to move from one place to another. i was living in pain for 3 years until i contacted the spanish national cancer research centre via email
    spanishcancerresearchcentre@gmail.com for
    procurement of cannabis/hemp oil and after using this medication for treatment for 7weeks,there was a great changes and as i am writing this article I’m not suffering from cancer again. cancer patient out there use this cannabis oil and you will be well again.


    If you are a cancer patient, know that with hemp oil that cancer can be cured, my cancer have been cured with this hemp oil.
    The cancer centre london have made this hemp oil available to all cancer patients world wide to get this hemp oil in affordable price and in order stop chemo and radiation surgeries which causes damages to the body cells and to eradicate cancer disease.

    Contact cancer centre london via email: londoncancercentre@gmail.com to get your hemp oil for medication.

    Tylor Kennedy
    (Once cancer patient)
    Texas USA

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