Proof that pyramids exist in the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon lines up with Orion, but what is it about the Pleiades that inspired the occult?
George Wiley Hunt, 1st governor of Arizona, is entombed with his wife in this pyramid before it had turned into state park overlooking the Phoenix, Arizona.

Pleiades? It may very well be there too. Hoover Dam commemorates the Seven Sisters with a terrazo tiled floor design featuring Alcyon, the brightest star in that system.

Many thanks goes to the University of Arizona’s main library for their extensive archive of maps and also the Planetary Sciences / LPL high definition image and archives department curator, Maria.




Knights Templar, the Illuminati, their museums and foundations & the matrix of secret societies all know

By the year 1936, a brand new Pyramid was built right before the eyes of 6 billion people.   It was named after a president that few wanted it named after.  Hoover Dam was the greatest engineering feat ever accomplished at that time in modern history.


Most think it was designed to be a hydro electric power plant, but the truth is, it was much more than met the eye.  Nobody knew but for the circles of secrecy that this construct was destined to be a Stargate.

While researching utilizing many investigative approaches, I had to ascertain why this massive project was uniquely designed with overkill of occultic symbols from the design layout itself to the art and details as well as its location.  What I discovered is that the Grand Canyon itself may…

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