The case that makes or breaks American Freedoms

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COVER 2013 PNGThe book Americans who have an interest into the inner workings of the new world ‘Mob’ and false flag events now have the opportunity to learn how a staged event was planned and orchestrated.  AZ11 has rolled off the press and ready for ordering.

Stephanie Sledge of conducted a two year investigation into the shooting of former Democratic Representative Gabrielle Giffords, the suspect Jarred Lee Loughner, the victims, witness accounts, all the alphabet agencies implicated as having orchestrated a neo-9/11, and corrupt politicians working the scene and playing out the gun control/mental health care ‘script’ in Tucson, Arizona.  Her research is now compiled as a report in the form of a print on demand book as well as a pdf downloadable from

Steph 2AppleZebra 11 is an in depth survey of the event that occurred on January 8, 2011 at a Safeway market shopping mall near the affluent sub-division known as Oro Valley.  If you dial 9/11 at the same major intersection that the massacre took place, a squad car would be there in seconds.  I tested it.  Not to my surprise, there were 4 cars converging on me.  This did not happen when Gabrielle Giffords was gunned down and that a high profile 9th Circuit Court Judge was assassinated.  This is reminiscent of the JFK set-up and professional hit.

I encourage all to review this book before I publish my account “Sacrifice of a Congresswoman” of the investigation I did regarding the same case.   Two investigators accounts combined, you’ll get an interesting glimpse into the bizarre saga that has been completely obscured in myth by the mass media propaganda machine which has led to subsequent tragedies across the nation.  It is important that you read Stephanie’s book first to understand the CSI specifics regarding the crime scene.

Order your copy today

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